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West Coast Addiction Treatment Drug Rehabs in CA AZ, UT, WA, OR, COThere are many options available to you when it comes to residential or inpatient addiction treatment services. Likewise, many options exist with respect to intervention, therapy and counseling, outpatient treatment and pretty much anything else within the scope of addiction recovery.  However, the options begin to dramatically lessen when you start considering factors such as, affordability, health insurance (HMO and PPO) acceptance, customized treatment services, family support services, a strong industry track record and so on.  In fact, as you begin to add your scenario’s unique factors, the most important of which being yours or your loved one’s specific clinical needs, the availability of practical options can drop by over 95 percent!

Wits Inn’s expansion beyond Southern California was not originally part of our plan for growth.  However as the need for our unique approach grew to such astounding numbers, we were essentially forced to grow as such if we were to adhere to our mission of providing better treatment options for less.  Therefore, our broad array of addiction recovery services is now available for men and women in the following regions:

  • Southern CaliforniaOrange County, Palm Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu & Santa Barbara
  • Northern CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay Area, Napa, & Sacramento
  • OregonPortland, Salem & Eugene
  • Washington StateSeattle, Tacoma, Vancouver & Spokane
  • Nevada Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno & Carson City
  • ArizonaScottsdale, Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe & Flagstaff
  • UtahSalt Lake City, Provo, Orem, West Valley City, Ogden & St. George
  • Colorado – Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Rocky Mountain Region, Aurora, Ft. Collins & Greeley

While each location and facility offers its own nuances within the scope of treatment care and ancillary services, there exists an across-the-board level of commitment and passion for recovery that is rarely seen elsewhere among most drug centers as a whole.  And of course, clients and families of Wits Inn Recovery Services are provided substantially reduced rates due to agreements we have in place with non Wits Inn operated treatment centers.

Knowing Which Addiction Treatment Method is Right for You

No matter where you are, whether among our primary locations such as Orange County, CA or elsewhere around the country, it is of critical importance that you receive the right guidance in terms of which drug rehab center and approach will be most probable to garner long-term success in sobriety.  With so many variations and options within the treatment process, as well as the countless variables unique to each individual drug addict or alcoholic, matching the client with the right treatment approach is a process we here at Wits Inn have spent years perfecting.  It is not an easy process, and the fact that most admission reps will try to sell you on their program regardless of whether it’s right for you or not, simply adds even more complexity to the process.  As such, we urge you to have a list of at least 8 or 10 questions prepared prior to calling any facility or service, whether it is Wits Inn or someone else.

A key benefit for you with respect to Wits Inn’s extremely broad treatment network is that we are able to properly match clients (and families when applicable) with treatment services that are truly right for them, and which will usually result in a higher level of long-term success.  Examples of this could be such things as; those with severe co-occurring disorders (dual-diagnosis), patients with a prominent relapse history, those in need of medical detox, LGBT focus, clients with a strong religious background, those with trauma or PTSD issues in addition to their addiction, patients with language restrictions (i.e., Spanish speaking), etc.  There are infinite combinations of variables unique to each patient, and what might seem to be a small or insignificant component on the surface may in fact be a huge impending stumbling block down the road!

We invite you to learn much more about Wits Inn Recovery or visit our treatment services page, and for those with health insurance questions feel free to quickly and easily verify your medical insurance plan or contact our team 24/7 at (949) 292-2000.


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