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The Best Customized Residential and Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers in Orange County, CaliforniaWhen it comes to such critical services as residential and inpatient drug rehabs, also referred to as addiction treatment centers, there is never room for any compromise!  Drug and alcohol addiction has the power to strip everything good from one’s life, and if you’re reading this page then there is a good chance that you are already well familiarized with this reality.

Wits Inn Treatment of Orange County, CA employs a steadfast belief that residential addiction treatment must have the ability to be molded to the client, as well as the family. Whether this means finding a rehab facility that specializes in dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, holistic treatment approaches, faith-based or even something as seemingly insignificant a being a pet-friendly rehab, customization is a crucial part of what enables a facility to engage in what is often terms as “best practices.”

When patients come to Wits Inn’s treatment centers they come to find a new hope in their battles against substance abuse.  Often times they’ve been to multiple drug rehab centers (whether here in Orange County, Southern California or elsewhere around the country) and have endured multiple devastating relapses. However, given our unique and highly effective ability to customize one’s treatment experience, they come to find a renewed sense of hope in their current and future endeavors… !

Wits Inn Treatment Centers offer variations within the following recovery approaches:

  • 12-Step, non 12-Step and hybrid model recovery
  • Holistic treatment services
  • Luxury and executive-type rehabs
  • Pet-friendly recovery environments
  • Faith-based treatment environments (Christian and Jewish)
  • Dual-diagnosis and mental health focused treatment

From intervention to medical detox to inpatient treatment

Wits Inn is not simply just another inpatient drug rehab center that is, like so many others, designed to churn out patients, day-in and day-out. When you consider the 100’s of addiction treatment options here in the Orange County, California region, for instance, it should come as no surprise that most recovery centers will admit any new client for the purpose of filling a bed. We consider this to be neither in the client’s best interests nor as being in line with treatment industry best practices.

With over 10 Southern California locations at our fingertips, we utilize a very rigorous assessment process in order to best match the patient (and family when applicable) to the exact customized level of care. In this light, we are able to provide the full scope of care, originating with intervention and on through medical detox (if needed) and then seamlessly transitioning into the right residential treatment center for his or her needs. All the while we maintain a close pulse on the process so as to maintain fluidity and thus make quick adjustments based on how the client reacts to treatment from stage to stage.

WITS INN RECOVERY…this is much more than just another ordinary drug rehab process!

We invite you to learn much more about Wits Inn Recovery and for those with health insurance questions, feel free to quickly and easily verify your medical insurance plan or contact our team 24/7 at (949) 292-2000.


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