Experts in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment ServicesWhile Wits Inn offers an extremely broad array of addiction recovery services within the scope of all substance abuse related matters, we do offer a specialty set of services that include an array of expanded options that far exceed industry standards. The reason for this is because the world of mental health recovery is simply too broad in scope, and to place limitations on treatment services would essentially be to deprive the patient of receiving the absolute best in care. This is, in part, why Orange County and Southern California have become so well regarded in the field of addiction treatment, which is because this belief is so widely shared among recovery professionals throughout the West Coast, and even more so here in California.

Our Areas of Recovery Services Expertise Include:

  • Intervention & Family Guidance: Wits Inn Addiction Recovery Services offers a highly expanded platform of affordable and effective intervention services. This also includes the full scope of family guidance, planning, coordination and professional travel accompaniment from the intervention site to medical detox and/or residential-inpatient treatment. We offer medical detox and inpatient drug rehabs throughout all of Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs, as well as locations in Oregon, Washington State, Utah, Arizona and even Texas!
  • Specialty Adult Residential Treatment & Drug Rehab: Wits Inn provides an extremely broad scope of specialty substance abuse treatment options for adults, including: Pet-Friendly Treatment, LGBT Treatment, Treatment for Baby Boomers & Retirees, Holistic & Executive Level Concierge & Luxury Rehab and more. This is all in addition to our many more mainstream rehab options, such as 12-Step and non 12-Step, Holistic, Faith-Based, etc.
  • Teen & Adolescent Inpatient Treatment: Wits Inn Recovery also works with several of the most experienced adolescent and teen treatment centers in the country, which have over 30 years of experience dealing with teenage addiction and mental health issues. These programs are primarily located within Southern California, Including Orange County, Los Angeles and Malibu, as well as in Utah, Texas and Arizona.
  • Health Insurance Options (Including HMO and PPO): While most reputable facilities and services will accept out-of-network PPO insurance, very few will ever accept and HMO plan. Wits Inn Recovery Services has spent the past 2 decades building strong relationships that position us to provide substantially broader options when it comes to paying with your medical insurance. In fact, several of our programs will take health insurance plans with ZERO out-of-pocket in certain cases!
  • Leading Medical Detox Services: There are many cases in which residential treatment will be far more effective if the patient initially enters a medical detox center for several days. Our network of detox facilities is able to cater to literally any possible scenario, whether it is an affordable private-pay option for someone without health insurance or a high-end holistic facility or even a private in-home detox with Suboxone therapy, there is absolutely no shortage of medical detox options available.
  • Full-Scope Aftercare & Case Management Services: Success in sobriety almost always requires integrative aftercare services. This includes such things as; structured sober living, sober coaching, life coaching, court & legal assistance, family guidance & therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, etc. One thing is for sure, and that is that we all want this to be the very last time you’re in need of treatment services, and it is for that exact reason that Wits Inn Recovery Services provides such extensive aftercare and case management services for substance abuse recovery.

Whether you are here in Orange County, California or elsewhere around the country, we are here for you 24/7 and can arrange to have services brought to you within a moment’s notice! After 20 years of leading the way and redefining the standards for excellence within the field of behavioral health, Wits Inn is your #1 advocate when it comes to your addiction recovery.

We invite you to learn much more about Wits Inn Recovery and for those with health insurance questions, feel free to quickly and easily verify your medical insurance plan or contact our team 24/7 at (949) 292-2000.


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