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Naltrexone Implants Prevent Relapse Newport Beach San Clemente

Naltrexone Implants Prevent Relapse Newport Beach, San Clemente Most insurance covers this procedure and the fact Naltrexone implants prevent relapse is awesome. Because that’s what its all about, staying clean. Alcoholism Alternative Treatment Detox, Drug Rehab, and Interventions can only work if the person is able to stop all drug and alcohol use, and stay […]


Heroin Addict Recovers in San Diego

Heroin Addict Recovers, a rehab testimonial San Diego, California Heroin Addict Recovers Wits Inn Recovery  949-292-2000 Wits Inn Recovery  Addicts Do Recover My name is Dennis, and I am an addict in recovery. Raised in an upper-middle-class family, I was a child of privilege. Our elegant home had a black cloud above it. The family […]


Addiction Help and Mental Health Resources, New York, Vermont

Addiction Help, Mental Health Resources For Addiction help, mental health resources no one is more experienced than Wits Inn Treatment Center. Wits Inn Drug Rehab and Intervention Referrals  can help you get in touch with any of these Help sources and many more.  949-292-2000 Verify your insurance click here ___________________________________________________________________________________ Nobody chooses […]


Sober Yoga for Alcohol Treatment Orange County

Sober Yoga Orange County California Kit Cat Ananda, my cat, is waiting for Me, her Guru, to commence sober morning yoga then our walk as we join Lulu, her sister. Lulu dresses like a dog in her earth suit. Just for today. Sober Yoga Orange County California Drug alcohol rehabs program Holistic healing practices and yoga Do […]


Dual Diagnosis Mental Illness Addiction

Dual Diagnosis refers to a person who experiences a mental illness and a substance abuse problem simultaneously. Could you be dual diagnosis? Are you mentally ill and an addict? Do you drink or use more to manage your mental illness? Do you experience depression? Anxiety? Drastic mood swings? Are you drinking more than usual? Are […]


Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) vs 12-Step Recovery Programs

Drug Replacement Therapy DRT vs 12-Step Recovery programs: Drugs such as methadone or suboxone can relieve cravings for more serious street drugs. 12 step programs work at removing all chemicals from the mind and body. Drug Replacement Therapy for opiate addicts makes a person comfortable and not in withdrawal by replacing a drug of addiction […]


Contact Us

Contact Wits Inn Addiction Recovery | Treatment Services 24/7!!! . Regardless of whether you’re in need of intervention, residential treatment, outpatient rehab or any of our many other recovery based services, Wits Inn provides primary centrally based contact points for all questions, intakes or anything related.  We do this for added ease and simplicity on […]


Naltrexone Implants Opiate Antagonist Newport Beach California

Alcoholism Alternative Treatment Detox, Drug Rehab, and Interventionscan only work if the person is able to stopall drug and alcohol use, and stay stopped.  Beach Cities Rehab has the combination of cutting  edge medication to stop cravings and treatment.  For Opiate addict and Alcohol users.  We know addicts need medical help as well as  psychological […]


Residential Drug Rehab and Addiction Therapy

DESCRIPTION OF RECOVERY GROUPS AT WITS INN The following are the groups held at Witt’s each week to aid the clients in their push towards recovery. They are all required in Phase One, and many are required through Phases Two and Three. These things are the keys of drug rehab. Morning Focus Group: This group […]