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Treating Trauma Intoxication and Recovery

In fact,  What is Trauma Intoxication? Moreover, what can we expect? Aside From: Addiction and Trauma Recovery? TREATING TRAUMA and Depression TRAUMA INTOXICATION Chemical Dependancy treatment likewise improves Mental Health. In other words, RECOVERY enables one to find the Joy of Living. Learn how to ‘work a program’ for your life from then on, As a […]


Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Orange County California

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehabs in Orange County California Pet-friendly drug rehab is now available in Orange County. People can come to rehab with their pet. Service dogs are able to go, of course, but so are emotional support animals. We have settings that will accept most small pets who are in good health and house trained. […]


Orange County Sober Living PPO Insurance Paid

Orange County Sober Living PPO Insurance Paid Sober Living Sober living while you work or look for a job Irvine Sober House the heart of Orange County, CA Transportation is provided from Sober Living to Counseling  Be Safe, in a supportive sober house environment PPO insurance pays Outpatient counseling flexible time schedule You didn’t become addicted […]


Alcoholism Caused Divorce

Alcoholism Caused Divorce An Intoxicated Person cannot effectively meet the needs of their spouse When is it Time to Leave an Alcoholic? Intoxication = mind altering creates inconsistent levels of consciousness.   A person who is intoxicated or coming down cannot effectively meet the needs or desires of their spouse.    Many women dream of […]


Alcoholic Agoraphobia Loudoun County, Virginia

Alcoholic Agoraphobia Alcoholic Agoraphobia is an unexpected side effect of repeated intoxication events. Brain chemistry altered to the point that fears increase.  Intolerance is often part of the high. That’s why a person is more likely to argue or fight when under the influence. Prejudice and fearfulness combined in your thinking making it difficult to […]


Does drug treatment work?

Does drug treatment work? Does drug treatment work? How about people who are discontent in rehab? Does drug treatment work? Can the treatment program still help them? At what point can the family expect to see change? When will the client feel better and find relief? Drug and Alcohol Treatment is Therapy I’m in this guys office […]


Prescription Pill Addiction

Prescription Pill Addiction is the new rage. Afterall its legal. Pills Are your prescribed medications addicting you? Pills – Dr Prescribed Medication – Anxiety – Pain Pills – ADD Medication – Sleep Aids Are your medications changing your behavior? Have your relationships become strained? Has your use increased? Have your loved ones, colleges or neighbors […]


Pain Management Chronic Pain

Pain Management Chronic Pain Often creates an endless march to Doctors, Pharmacies, Emergency Rooms My Doctor has become my Drug Connection. Chronic Pain and Generalized malaise morphs into a physical, psychological, and social malady. I need to return to rehab but I can’t. Pain Management Chronic Pain Relapsed Loaded on Pain Pills and Xanax  I can’t  get back on track and now I’ve […]