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Residential Drug Rehab and Addiction Therapy

DESCRIPTION OF RECOVERY GROUPS AT WITS INN The following are the groups held at Witt’s each week to aid the clients in their push towards recovery. They are all required in Phase One, and many are required through Phases Two and Three. These things are the keys of drug rehab. Morning Focus Group: This group […]




Wholeness Implicate Order Addiction Rehab

Wholeness is the Goal.         Let us listen with all defenses down. End the feeling of your personality being full of holes.  All of your mistakes are important parts of your becoming.  Your Divine Highest Good is at hand, or you can give up! Wholeness and the implicate order.   Addiction Rehab. […]


Detox Visions of Loss and Disappointment

Detox Visions of Loss and Disappointment On Dreams The debt of pain and sadness experienced in trauma-induced nightmares can serve as a symbol of your need for recovery. Read the signs. You must get help. Joy is the truth of you. Find your way back to Peace of Mind. We can help if your drinking […]


Painful Injury Leads to Addiction

PAINFUL INJURY LEADS TO ADDICTION A painful injury leads to addiction in many cases, especially where opiates are prescribed. Declaring the power of a painful injury can become a repeated mantra.  Wits Inn 877*724*7472 How often do you state the unfortunate situation that involves your injury pain? Wits Inn Recovery seeks to heal mentalities. While […]


Long-Term Success

  Long-Term Success and Redefining Effective Recovery Inspiring a multitude of treatment approaches for those with drug or alcohol addictions, and setting the stage for long term success in recovery… . The #1 goal of a person’s attempt at sobriety, whether it includes residential treatment, outpatient rehab or whatever, is to attain “long-term recovery” – […]


Alcoholic Agoraphobia Loudoun County, Virginia

Alcoholic Agoraphobia Alcoholic Agoraphobia is an unexpected side effect of repeated intoxication events. Brain chemistry altered to the point that fears increase.  Intolerance is often part of the high. That’s why a person is more likely to argue or fight when under the influence. Prejudice and fearfulness combined in your thinking making it difficult to […]


Pain Management Chronic Pain

Pain Management Chronic Pain Often creates an endless march to Doctors, Pharmacies, Emergency Rooms My Doctor has become my Drug Connection. Chronic Pain and Generalized malaise morphs into a physical, psychological, and social malady. I need to return to rehab but I can’t. Pain Management Chronic Pain Relapsed Loaded on Pain Pills and Xanax  I can’t  get back on track and now I’ve […]