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Alcoholic Prayer God Help Me AA Step Three

God Help Me. This is the Alcoholic Prayer.   Step 3  God Help Me In taking AA Step Three I become a witness to God’s will unfolding in life. No longer the director I let go and let God.  God Help Me “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care […]


Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough Ninth Step

Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough Ninth Step “Make a list of people we have harmed reflect upon each instance. Meditate and pray for the humble attitude. We are not looking for people to make amends to us. We humble ourselves and see our part in the wrongs. Saying Sorry Making Amends (1) There will be those amends that should be […]


Sage Teacher Spiritual Addiction Solution California

Sage Teacher Spiritual Addiction Solution Woke at 3:30 AM overheated in a sweat. 3:00 to 4:30 AM This is the time when The veil is the thinnest. Between the conscious and the spirit world.  Capture this opportunity to feel and listen. I’m taking notes to bring back with me to the sphere of day and night.  While becoming a sage one […]




Rock Bottom can be Death Intervention Now

Waiting to Hit Rock Bottom? Rock Bottom is a myth We think of advanced, late-stage addicts hitting Rock Bottom. First and foremost Rock Bottom is a myth. Curled up in a ball of agony is a characteristic pose in drug use.Many addicts live hitting ever deeper bottoms year after year.    For example, A girl my say, “I’m only stealing […]


Decide to Reclaim your Life Addiction Rehab

Once you decide to reclaim your life, sobriety is the next indicated step. My drinking life is unmanageable I have to Decide. 1. When I lived in Active Addiction, I planned to stop drinking and using. 2. I swore off often, with and without a solemn oath. 3. I wanted a Real Life. 4. I […]


Life of Addiction After Sexual Abuse

First and Foremost make a decision to not give one more second of your life to the perpetrators. Were the Joys of living stolen from you? Know your depressed and fearful behaviors since then keeps your joy away. You can take it back times the power of all of your years of experience. This time […]


Spirit Recovery Pray for the Alcoholic

Develop your relationship with Spirit. Pray for the Alcoholic, ask to be empowered with the proper words. Connect from Spirit to Spirit. On a Soul to Soul level. Spirit Recovery is the goal of getting sober. Ultimately in recovery, I have come to know myself as an individual expression of spirit in a study as […]


Change Thinking Change your Life Rehab

Change Everything to transition from active addiction to life in recovery. Profound change is what is needed to get Sober and Stay Clean long term. Alcoholic’s Anonymous says, “The same man, will drink again. We must Change 1. Change People – Many people don’t want to get sober because we fear to lose all of […]


Gentleness gets Addict into Rehab CA

Gentleness gets Addicts into Rehab Thought 4 Today Thought 4 LIFE! On Gentleness – gentleness gets addicts into rehab “There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” -Han Suyin On a recent visit back East to see my family, I have spent most of the time with my precious grandson, baby James. Through our […]