Long-Term Success and Redefining Effective Recovery

Inspiring a multitude of treatment approaches for those with drug or alcohol addictions, and setting the stage for long term success in recovery…

Long term success in drug and alcohol treatmentThe #1 goal of a person’s attempt at sobriety, whether it includes residential treatment, outpatient rehab or whatever, is to attain “long-term recovery” – and whatever that may entail. We know exactly where you are, where you’ve been, and the many potential roads and consequences that lay ahead…

We are not, nor have we ever been interested in seeing clients get 30, 60 or 90 days of sobriety. We’ll certainly be cordial and clap during those momentary milestones, but our real objective here at Wits Inn is to enable clients to create “long-lasting foundations” in recovery that withstand life’s hurdles. So whether your situation involves ongoing relapses or other patterns of substance abuse and other addictions, you can now set the stage for what can well become the very last time you ever find yourself scouring the web for another drug rehab center!


Your Success Over Addiction

There are many unique qualities about what we offer and the broad scope of treatments available, but the one quality that stands above and beyond is the element of customization. Whatever combination of needs a client might have, whether clinical or secondary, we truly focus on providing a level of care that most addresses each and every area of need. Whether that means opiate detox followed by residential treatment for one client, or a longer-term stay at a dual-diagnosis rehab center for another client who is battling depression along with drug addiction, we view this period of early recovery for you from two distinct sides, those being: short-term successes and long-term goals & accomplishments.


Some of our addiction and mental health treatment program options include:



A strategic blend of clinical, therapeutic and secondary drug & alcohol treatment approaches, such as: Holistic, 12-Step, Brain-Based (i.e., neurofeedback, neuroplasticity, etc.), Trauma-Based and others.


For those desiring a 12-Step treatment option that coincides with groups like AA and NA, we offer residential treatment for addiction & dual-diagnosis throughout Orange County and Southern California


Desired more so by executives and those of a more health-conscious background, our holistic treatment center locations are located in Newport Beach, San Clemente, Los Angeles and Malibu, California.


Our faith-based treatment programs are offered to substance abuse, other addictions and dual-diagnosis disorder treatment clients – Available in various Christian formats and age ranges.


Our unique drug & alcohol rehab formats for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community addresses the key elements inherent to these individuals and their specific addictions.


To some people, being without their pets is simply not an option, and we offer two recovery center locations throughout Orange County, CA that allow for small-med dogs, cats and other small pets.



⇒ Are you ready to succeed in sobriety while re-creating your destiny?

Experience addiction and mental health treatment that is designed for YOU, along with the unwavering goal of helping you to create a realistic and personalized path toward long-term success in sobriety!


We invite you to learn much more about Wits Inn Recovery and for those with health insurance questions, feel free to quickly and easily verify your medical insurance plan or contact our team 24/7 at (949) 292-2000


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