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Prodigal Son Addict Alcoholic Love Returned

Prodigal is anything that separates me from God. The Prodigal Son was reckless and extravagant. The addict or alcoholic live the life of The Prodigal Son. I want to be a humble servant. I found my inside self in humility. Turn to God and ask, God meets you more than halfway. The kingdom is yours, […]

Changes Constantly Baffle Alcoholic Addictive Personality Types

Changes are difficult for the alcoholic addictive personality type.  Changes appear Continuously in our Life experience. Surprisingly pregnant at age 16, Married on my 17th birthday. I experienced radical changes early on, as many of us do. Daddy and his brother began drinking at my age of 8. By the time I turned 10 my Uncle died. […]

Self-Forgiveness Recovery Essential San Diego California

Self-Forgiveness Became Essential to My Recovery I learned about Self-Forgiveness in rehab.  At long last! I was set me free. For as long as I can remember, I always found a way to turn any disastrous trauma into self-blame and pity. I knew nothing about the concept of self-forgiveness. My self-sabotaging victimization fueled my oblivion […]

Jesus Loves Our Addicted Sons Daughters

Jesus loves our addicted sons and daughters? Jesus loves the sick. Heals and forgives. It is vital to remember Jesus loves the sick and those seen as unclean. Jesus came to reach broken people. Not the together people. What would Jesus do about Addiction? Jesus loves and gives forgiveness to the sinner.  Matthew 9:10 – 13 […]

Emotional Boundaries Physical Space Mutual Respect

Keep Emotional Boundaries – Respect Physical Space Develop Mutual Respect in all interactions  We respect the people who keep us safe. It’s natural to assume it’s ok to care for each other’s thoughts and feelings. Establish mutual respect. Kids who fear their thoughts and feelings are unimportant to their caretakers or peers fight back. This anger in protest […]

Love Tolerance Code Addiction Recovery Orange County

Love and Tolerance is my Code Sometimes a fear of people and economic insecurity keep us isolated from the help we need and want.   Make a decision to have a tolerance of others. Start by beginning to forgive yourself. All that has happened started out as thoughts. Change your thinking to change your life.  Rise Up […]

Pregnant Alcoholic Women Remembers First Drink

Pregnant Alcoholic Women Remembers her First Drink   Pregnant Alcoholic Denial and Delusion   Thinking my entire pregnancy had been without alcohol, I came across a new years eve photo with a very pregnant me holding a glass of champagne. Shock and dismay. I had been delusional! Then I remembered, this day had also been the first […]

Christian Repentance Step Three Alcoholic Anonymous

Repentance as a Christian is found in Step Three of Alcoholic Anonymous We turn our will and our lives over to God, as we understand God. A follower of Jesus approaches Step Three of Alcoholic Anonymous Repentance Step Three “Made a decision, to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as I understand Him, He […]

Consciousness Prayer Power Physical Health Emotional Wholeness

Prayer Power Changes Events and Raises Consciousness Using Prayer Power to create Physical Health Emotional Wholeness A Spiritual Mind Treatment prayer for body and mind. My physical wellness is inline with my emotional life and the life of God. Prayer Power Building blocks of an effective Spiritual mind Treatment 1. RECOGNITION (GOD IS) 2. UNIFICATION […]

Dog Friendly Drug Rehab Orange County California

Dog Friendly Drug Rehab Orange County California What am I supposed to do with my dog if I go to rehab for a month or longer? Dog Gives Me Comfort My dog and I mostly have only each other.  The family isn’t very involved in my life lately.  I don’t know who would be willing […]