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Letting Past Events Go Orange County

Letting Past Events Go Letting Past Events Go is my pathway to peace of mind, and joy. I woke up thinking about letting go of the past. Letting Go of Grief and Death For the past 2 years, I’ve been spending much of my waking hours and  my dream life thinking about my late husband. Pat got very sick […]

Sexual Assault, Rape, PTSD, Trauma Survivors

Sexual Assault, Rape, PTSD, Trauma Survivors       PTSD treatment for rapid stabilization The sting of PTSD can be relieved with EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Bi-lateral stimuli simulates REM sleep Rapid Eye Movement Healing Sexual Assault, Rape, PTSD, Trauma Survivors EMDR and DBT therapies give rapid stabilization for reoccurring PTSD flashbacks. A sexual assault […]

Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough Ninth Step

Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough Ninth Step “Make a list of people we have harmed reflect upon each instance. Meditate and pray for the humble attitude. We are not looking for people to make amends to us. We humble ourselves and see our part in the wrongs. Saying Sorry Making Amends (1) There will be those amends that should be […]

Making Amends Re-Entering Society after Prison

Making Amends Re-Entering Society After Prison I’m a 12-step program girl in recovery from my own addiction. The best thing I can think of to help her is to share 12-step work info. My sweet precious daughter is about to get released after three years in Federal Prison. She is a short-timer now, with less […]

Sage Teacher Spiritual Addiction Solution California

Sage Teacher Spiritual Addiction Solution Woke at 3:30 AM overheated in a sweat. 3:00 to 4:30 AM This is the time when The veil is the thinnest. Between the conscious and the spirit world.  Capture this opportunity to feel and listen. I’m taking notes to bring back with me to the sphere of day and night.  While becoming a sage one […]

Metaphysical Reasons for Addiction Root Causes

What is meant when we say the word metaphysical. It simply means beyond the physical. The conceptual cause behind the evidence. It can be said that everything is created twice. Frist as a thought, and next it is brought into form via action. Deep therapy to change the person and heal wounds. Start with rapid […]

Sleep Addiction Recovery

Restful Sleep in Addiction Recovery Overcome pain insomnia depression syndrome. Addicts need to rest. People enter rehab centers with this intention. As a matter of fact, the serenity of sleep is a magnificent gift in creation.   A large percentage of addicts, as well as alcoholics, and other obsessive, compulsive personalities report trauma in their past.  Some level of trauma, […]

Cravings Addiction Process Will Power is not Enough

Ask any addict of any description about the cravings. The most regularly reported symptoms that surely sustain addictions are the cravings. Recent neuroscience has clearly shown that various experience patterns change brain chemistry, thereby setting up a vicious cycle of life changing mood swings. Trauma threats to sexual safety, noises of rage or anger, oppressive control, allowances that […]