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Addiction Recovery and Treatment ResourcesThe recovery process is truly unique for each and every individual and family; no two drug addicts or alcoholics are ultimately alike.  As such, we have created a list of highly reputable resources for you to access in cases where more research may in fact be necessary.  For instance, you may be searching for a residential drug rehab center that offers state funding for those of whom are indigent, without health insurance or limited to SSI or Medicare.  Or maybe you’re in need of treatment information outside the scope of substance abuse, such as help with gambling or sex addiction, or even extreme mental health disorders that go beyond the scope of that which most drug rehabs are able to help with.

The list of addiction treatment resources shown below are considered to be just a few among the nation’s leading services and organizations.  Some are actually recovery services providers, while others are more so oversight bodies, credentialing organizations or even online resource directories.  Wits Inn offers these resource links as a courtesy for those in need of greater assistance and not as any form of endorsement whatsoever.

More information on each of the below resources will be easily located upon clicking the respective link.  You may also contact our staff 24/7 with any questions at (949) 292-2000.

Alcoholics Anonymous of Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA Area of Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous | Los Angeles Central Office

Southern California Region of Narcotics Anonymous

NIDA | National Institute on Drug Abuse

SAMSHA | Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Addiction Treatment Reviews & Information

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

NAADAC | National Association for Addiction Professionals

Orange County, CA Adult Mental Health Services


Southern California Addiction Treatment

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