Crisis Intervention and Family Support for Addiction Treatment

With a national presence from Orange County, California to every state nationwide, we offer full-scope crisis intervention,  family guidance, support and treatment & travel accompaniment



Addiction Intervention, Treatment and Family Support-Guidance in Orange County, CaliforniaIntervention, it is often times the first step of many in a person’s journey into recovery and sobriety. Sometimes referred to as “crisis intervention” by addiction treatment professionals, such as therapists and counselors, it is a process best described as strategic, targeted and in many cases stressful & scary for loved ones, especially when not conducted by highly trained and licensed addiction interventionists.

Wits Inn Addiction Recovery Services works very closely within a national network of highly regarded, licensed and experienced intervention and recovery support personnel. While we are headquartered in South Orange County, California (San Juan Capistrano & Mission Viejo), our network extends nationwide, throughout all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Mexico and even in several European nations. This vast network of addiction intervention and support services enables us to provide near-immediate assistance for families in need of crisis intervention and everything that goes with is, such as treatment center referral/placement, sober travel companion & intake assurance, safety planning and of course the full scope of support & guidance for each family member or loved one.

Setting up a successful intervention involves a number of critical components, such as:

  • Coaching and guidance for each participant
  • Strategic location planning and approach dynamics
  • Managing all potential clinical and safety components
  • Creating a smooth flowing itinerary, from start through residential treatment and/or medical detox intake
  • Ensuring all safety precautions are in line
  • Proper coordination of resources
  • Aftercare and Sober Living/Recovery Housing
  • and more. . . .

From intervention to medical detox to inpatient treatment

The most common arrangement in substance abuse intervention planning is that of preliminary medical detox, followed by residential treatment. At Wits Inn Recovery Services, we take into account the full scope of clinical components so as to ensure the patient receives the “right” treatment for their individual needs. For instance, while a patient and family my be located here in Orange County, CA, which would of course be the location for the actual intervention, we may in fact arrange his or her drug treatment program to be further away in order to meet any variation of clinical and/or regional needs. As such, a very important part of the intervention process would be to properly and safely escort the client into the next phase (detox or treatment), and remain in their presence until formal intake by the facility has been completed.

We want to caution you so that you understand the importance of having a licensed, credentialed and highly experienced interventionist at the helm of this process. There are a number of certifications that are available for these professionals, but unfortunately there is no nationally mandated standard at this time. In fact, it is this very reason that is among the most common for why Wits Inn has become so widely used. Our founder, Loriann Witte, CAC, C.N.D.A.I, RAS #w120607153, has been setting the standard for excellence in intervention and addiction treatment throughout Orange County and Southern California for over 20 years!

No matter where you or your loved ones are located, Wits Inn is here for you 24/7!

We invite you to learn much more about Wits Inn Recovery and for those with health insurance questions, feel free to quickly and easily verify your medical insurance plan or contact our team 24/7 at (949) 292-2000


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