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Dual Diagnosis Mental Illness Addiction

Dual Diagnosis refers to a person who experiences a mental illness and a substance abuse problem simultaneously. Could you be dual diagnosis? Are you mentally ill and an addict? Do you drink or use more to manage your mental illness? Do you experience depression? Anxiety? Drastic mood swings? Are you drinking more than usual? Are […]


Metaphysical Reasons for Addiction Root Causes

What is meant when we say the word metaphysical. It simply means beyond the physical. The conceptual cause behind the evidence. It can be said that everything is created twice. Frist as a thought, and next it is brought into form via action. Deep therapy to change the person and heal wounds. Start with rapid […]


Cravings Addiction Process Will Power is not Enough

Ask any addict of any description about the cravings. The most regularly reported symptoms that surely sustain addictions are the cravings. Recent neuroscience has clearly shown that various experience patterns change brain chemistry, thereby setting up a vicious cycle of life changing mood swings. Trauma threats to sexual safety, noises of rage or anger, oppressive control, allowances that […]


Decide to Reclaim your Life Addiction Rehab

Once you decide to reclaim your life, sobriety is the next indicated step. My drinking life is unmanageable I have to Decide. 1. When I lived in Active Addiction, I planned to stop drinking and using. 2. I swore off often, with and without a solemn oath. 3. I wanted a Real Life. 4. I […]


Addiction Stigma, New York, Massachusetts

There’s an Addiction Stigma in New York  as well as all over the U.S. To be an addict or alcoholic is to be labeled and misunderstood. These are individuals with a disease, an illness that puts those affected outside the normal circles. Women’s rights and the discrimination they experience are not unlike those suffering the […]


Dyslexia and Addiction Treatment

Dyslexia and Addiction Dyslexic Police again. Being different from the majority is not a mental inferiority. Learning disability often means a person’s perceptions are not ranking high in the curve of the majority.  It is important to realize that learning disabilities can affect an individual’s life beyond displaying symptoms of Visual Perception/Visual Motor Deficit Disorder. ‎Dyslexia · ‎Dyscalculia · ‎Dysgraphia · ‎ADHD Can […]


Changes Constantly Baffle Alcoholic Addictive Personality Types

Changes are difficult for the alcoholic addictive personality type.  Changes appear Continuously in our Life experience. Surprisingly pregnant at age 16, Married on my 17th birthday. I experienced radical changes early on, as many of us do. Daddy and his brother began drinking at my age of 8. By the time I turned 10 my Uncle died. […]


Letter to my Daughter in Prison California

Letter of truth to my Daughter in Prison  3:30 AM Friday morning Got a notice from Corrilinks that Daughter is back in the Federal Prison system as of 1:48 this morning. I woke up at 2 AM and checked my email. At one time my daughter had thirteen years of continuous sobriety. Then a rocky […]


Get Real Recovery Dual Diagnosis Rehab

It’s Time to Get Real! Of course, a Dual Diagnosis Rehab needs to understand how to improve Brain Chemistry and Thinking Patterns.  Get Real and Change your thinking to change your experience. 949-292-2000 Detox  First and foremost is Medical stabilization. Accordingly, detox and medication needs must be carefully assessed by Doctor. Get Real Rehab Often, Improving […]