Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son Addict Alcoholic Love Returned

Prodigal is anything that separates me from God.
The Prodigal Son was reckless and extravagant.
The addict or alcoholic live the life of
The Prodigal Son.

I want to be a humble servant.

I found my inside self in humility.
Turn to God and ask, God meets you more than halfway.
The kingdom is yours, now.

Prodigal Son

Forgiveness begins the flow of Love to the Prodigal Son

God turns to us as we turn to Him (Luke 15)

There is a reciprocal action between the Universal and the individual mind;
Spirit is ready to help us whenever we turn to it.

The law of cause and effect says we can have only what we take.
I was a suffering criminal, providing for my needs via my conniving ways.

I had to think my way through every situation. My self-will did not provide abundance.

We see on TV & movies super riches achieved by “getting over” on the rights of others.
Short-lived were any successes.
Guilt, shame, and fear were the prototypes I held as the truth.

In captivity and sickness, I said the alcoholic prayer, “God, please help me.”
I prayed with all earnest as only the dying can have.
It was like I plugged into an electrical outlet.
A current of miracles began to flow my way.
My life changed from that time to this moment.

My mind changed.
I was free floating. No longer desiring to control my situation in the hospital.
Within days of asking my newly blooming faith became manifest in form.

New Hope prison ministries from of Chrystal Cathedral came to visit me in the CCU ‘Cardiac Care Unit’ of UCI’s in custody unit. Shackled to the bed, I was born again.

I received a message that a medical release ended my jail sentence.
Sheriff’s removed the shackles.
In the legal, physical sense and the metaphysical realm, the shackles were removed.

I was still in the intensive care unit, so stayed on in the hospital for many more months.
I found a path to recovery via the attention of the New Hope minister, who prayed with me and gifted me a small New Testament Bible.

When I was a kid having nightmares, my Mum believed sleeping with the New Testament under my pillow would relieve my mental distress.
So I read the Bible and kept it under my pillow.

Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son seeks help and returns to God in recovery

Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI

(949) 413-4109 text only
(949) 292-2000) Office


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