Changes Constantly Baffle Alcoholic Addictive Personality Types

Changes are difficult for the alcoholic addictive personality type. 

Changes appear Continuously in our Life experience.

Surprisingly pregnant at age 16,
Married on my 17th birthday.
I experienced radical changes early on, as many of us do.

Daddy and his brother began drinking at my age of 8.
By the time I turned 10 my Uncle died.
The grieving was catastrophic.


Fear Not!
Calm Coping with Changes

Driving under the influence.
Dad’s grieving came out as terrifying, death-defying rides with Mom and me in the car with him.

Mother became ill going into a menopause that lasted 15 years.
She went to the doctors who gave her opiates and benzos. (nerve pills)

Mom lost her mind.  She went in and out of rage.
Our house was rocking with yelling. 

“I knew this was not right!”
I’ve got to get away from here.
I prayed to be delivered to a different reality. 

“Take up the cross and follow me.”
I think it means, “Face the changes of this life, focus on the spiritual.
Knowing you are spirit having a human experience. 

When we divorced, I was 21, I was ready to return to being the teenager that had been interrupted.
I pretty much continued the wild teenager thing until I was 36 when I developed an infection on a heart valve as a result of IV drug use.

I went into rehab and got clean.  In AA I found loving support and spirituality.
Mindful living became my goal. Kindness and respect of myself and others set me free.
After Rehab, my husband and I stayed in a recovery house for over two years while we rebuilt our emotional, social, and financial lives.

Calm Changes

Changes We are here to help. 949-292-2000

The most broken Relationships can improve in Recovery.

Call for help.
Change your thinking to Change your life experience.






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