Pregnant Alcoholic

Pregnant Alcoholic Women Remembers First Drink

Pregnant Alcoholic Women Remembers her First Drink  
Pregnant Alcoholic

Denial and Delusion  

Pregnant and Drinking

Pregnant Alcoholic

Thinking my entire pregnancy had been without alcohol, I came across a new years eve photo with a very pregnant me holding a glass of champagne.
Shock and dismay.
I had been delusional!
Then I remembered, this day had also been the first day of my third trimester.

Pregnant Alcoholic
Celebrates Good News from the Doctor with a Drink

I was celebrating the doctor’s permission to have a glass of wine.

King Alcohol is a Cruel Task Master

Many of us know how the story goes from here;  a gradual progression into the mighty grip of King Alcohol.
I became a Pregnant Alcoholic against my will. 

Quite innocently at first, after the birth of my son, that occasional glass moved on to whiskey and then a depression that swallowed my life.
Two decades later I was an exhausted, suicidal, drinking, pot smoking wreck.

Emotionally Unavailable Mother

The devastation I brought upon my child during his growing years I will never comprehend.
Only he knows what happened, how he felt, what he saw.
And by the time I came into recovery and surrendered to a 12 step program, he was 24 years old.  

Let the Healing Begin with Me, Now

Today I have been sober and involved in my recovery program for more than six years.
I enjoy my days today. I have freedom from this chronic life-destroying illness!
The wreckage behind me is just that – in the past.
Today I enjoy my sober life, and my son can sometimes look me in the eye and say “love you too.”

We are in the HERE and NOW
Rehab, Therapy, The Program taught me how to forgive myself. 

No matter how much you worry about the past you can not change it.
BUT; you can walk away from weakness

And find your inner STRENGTH.    

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