Mutual Respect

Emotional Boundaries Physical Space Mutual Respect

Love and Respect

Learn to Give and Receive Love Effectively

Keep Emotional Boundaries – Respect Physical Space
Develop Mutual Respect in all interactions 

We respect the people who keep us safe.
It’s natural to assume it’s ok to care for each other’s thoughts and feelings.
Establish mutual respect.

Kids who fear their thoughts and feelings are unimportant to their caretakers or peers fight back.
This anger in protest can show up as low self-esteem, carelessness, fear of failure creating a detachment. Disrespectful caretakers might hold an injured personality up to scorn.

“You don’t even try.”
“What’s wrong with you?”

Mutual Respect

Going to rehab opens a door.
The news you learn in treatment is, “We acknowledge your pain.”Mutual Respect
“Stop Now! Today. Screw Guilt.”

“Realize the divinity of your creation. Start from here.”

Whatever has hurt you, you’ve carried it far enough.
It’s time to move on.

Learn how to act like a functioning adult of power.

Now your suffering ends.
Your walking wounded roll is over.

Turn the page to the next chapter of your eternal life.

Establish and Respect Personal Boundaries

Power and freedom come when a person understands how to operate within their individual space.

1. Emotional Boundaries –

2. Physical Space – 

3. Speak the language of the High Functioning 

3. Establish Mutual Respect

Taking care to keep my physical and emotional boundary of mutual respect.
Through decades of introspective work. Taking the time to learn about what it takes to “BE Alright”  “Allrightness” allows me to allow you to BE as you are in the moment.

I must hold myself and the space around me up to the Highest and Best Good.
The innate Divine Nudge manifest with a smile, a face, and posture of interest and listening.   

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