Marijuana Misery

Marijuana Misery Recovery A New Life Orange County

Marijuana Misery
Recovery A New Life

Legal Cannabis          

Marijuana Misery

Decades had passed me by, and my relief-seeking behavior was becoming a nightmare. 949-292-2000

When legal cannabis use becomes a full-blown addiction, it can take the shape of Marijuana Misery.
Only you know.
Is your use recreational or taken over?

“Marijuana Misery,” Alcoholic Agony?
Find a New Life in Recovery

Decades had passed me by, and my relief-seeking behavior was becoming a nightmare.
I wanted to stop the cycle.
Drinking, smoking, passing out, waking up to another day of the same. Where was the help I needed?
I was too far gone to think of anything.
I had become trapped in addiction.

That fact was a primary thought in my mind.

Addiction Misery

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Alone in my Drinking

I was utterly alone with my drinking.
I wanted to have people in my life, but how could I do that?

Wine-tasting bars!
That’s the answer! I could learn about wines!
Hang out at wine-tastings!
Have a big fancy wine stash!
Thousands of dollars later in debt I had no wines and no friends.
I was depressed and suicidal.

Smoking Weed Helped for a while  

Smoking weed usually kept me from getting alcohol sick.
When I got stoned, I could drink more, but that stopped working too.
I knew I was in trouble because self-will, petitions to God, and promises to stop couldn’t change the inevitable pouring of the next drink. I was taking two things which did bodily harm, here are some
Tips for Quitting Weed if you were stuck in my position.

I would cry as I watched myself reach for more alcohol.

Torture, Horror, and Anguish are what I felt.
I cried out to God.
I attended a church where they prayed for me.

The hopeless agony of having no way out consumed me.

My attempts to change my situation had failed.
My credit cards were maxed out.
I was all done.

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Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI

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