Dog friendly anxiety cure

Dog Friendly Drug Rehab Orange County California

Dog Friendly Drug Rehab Orange County California

What am I supposed to do with my dog if I go to rehab for a month or longer?

Dog Gives Me Comfort
My dog and I mostly have only each other. 

Dogs are our friends

You are so strong.
I love you.

The family isn’t very involved in my life lately. 
I don’t know who would be willing to watch her if I left. 
I want the dog with me anyway. 
Taking her with along to treatment would make the whole idea easier for me.

Dog Friendly Drug Rehab
What happens with the dog when I’m in a group or go to the doctor?
Do the dog friendly treatment centers have that all worked out?
Can I quickly fly to Califonia with my dog? 

Your Relationship with your Dog

Dog friendly anxiety cure

Loyal dog relieves anxiety
Dog Friendly Rehab

It’s difficult for me to explain what being with my dog means.
She needs me to take care of her in the way only I know how.
She cares for me in extraordinary ways also.
I’m not alone as long as she’s by my side.
Going out among strangers gives me some anxiety that the dog soothes.

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab
Dogs are people too. Can I bring my pet to drug treatment? I will feel more comfortable, and my dog likes to be with me.

See our guide to flying with pets.
The most updated information on pet travel restrictions for every airline,
including emotional support and service animals.

We need to know..
Your pets name
Health Info
Behavioral Info
Crate trained for a 2-hour wait?

Helpful information on every aspect of pet travel, such as:

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