Pot Alcohol Insanity

Alcoholic Insanity Treatment Recovery California

Alcoholic Insanity

Extreme Mood Swings

Alcoholic Insanity                    Treatment and Recovery California
Alcoholic Insanity comes from Brain Altering creates
Altered Personality
‘Alcoholic Insanity’ can be treated
and Recovery is possible.

Chemical dependency can alter the brain until the original personality is nearly unrecognizable.  
Alcoholic Insanity

Pot Alcohol Insanity

This Pain Can Stop
Recovery Restores Hope

My journey out of hopelessness and alcoholic insanity was a time of adventure and unexpected healing.
Surrendering to the 12 steps was easy for me because there was nothing left of my will or sense of self-worth.


Drinking and smoking pot had progressed into a daily obsession.
All I cared about was making sure I had my wine and jack daniels and smoke.
It became all I knew how to do.

Rage Against your Own Will

The world outside of my addiction did not exist for me.
One night I was so drunk and full of rage and resentment that
I tried to physically remove my son’s girlfriend from the house after she refused to leave.
If she had pressed charges I would have gone to jail that night.
I knew then my life as I had known it was over.
Confusion Desperation

Where was I going to go?
What was going to happen to me?
Who was going to help me?
I was terrified, sick, violently shaking, and so full of fear.
My mind was paralyzed.
I figured I was going to be institutionalized and that terrified me even more.

I went to medical detox.

Heal Alcoholic Insanity

California Beauty
Heals Your Thoughts

As I felt better the treatment center sent me to daily therapy and AA.

The rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous became my home.

After discharge, I just stayed with the AA program.
I didn’t drink between meetings.
How I made it through those first weeks is a mystery or maybe Divine help reached me.
I had completely given up all I had ever known to become a part of recovery.

Today, my will and my life belong to a Power Greater than myself.
I take each day as it comes.
I release anxiety to this Power, and trust that I am soothed.
There is nothing that happens around me or inside me that cannot be released.
The solution to hopeless alcoholic insanity was found in surrendering to the 12 steps.

Fortunately, in California, there is quality help for those seeking recovery and a new life.
I have found freedom from the bondage of addiction.
I am sober for eight years and have been restored to sanity.

Alcoholic Insanity Healed

Call for Help 949-292-2000

Wits Inn Recovery


Text inquiry or picture of the front and back
of your health insurance card 

to 949-413-4109


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