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Should Couples get Addiction Rehab Together California

Should Couples get Addiction Rehab TogetherShould Couples get Addiction Rehab Together California?

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Should Couples get Addiction Rehab Together

Couples are regularly advised to separate for drug or alcohol treatment.
Couples get Addiction Rehab Together.
This writer knows from personal experience how often people in a relationship put off getting the addiction or behavioral help they need because they do not want to leave their beloved.
We are in the opiate crisis. CNN reports in 2016; there were more than 63,600 overdose deaths in the United States, including 42,249 that involved an opioid. Whatever your loved one is using, it’s a life-threatening situation.

Including an over-indulgent use of marijuana.
Drugs and Alcohol are mind altering thereby brain chemistry altering.
Getting high is not being at one’s best self.
Life ofttimes requires rapid response and clear thinking.

It is most important to get a person suffering from intoxication issues into a structured rehab setting.
If you think one of the individuals in a couple is influencing the other’s addiction and making it worse; now is not the time for that thinking.

Alcohol or drug use can become a life and death situation.

A person who uses any mind-boggling chemicals on an alcoholic level experiences a social and spiritual death, sometimes long before physical death.

I have aunts and uncles who live long unhappy lives caught up in pills and drinking.
They may even have claimed contentment, while those around them suffered.

Do what it takes to get treatment started. 
Don’t waste time trying to break
up a couple.
Getting clean and sober in a safe setting that immerses them in the therapeutic process will bring about many changes.
These Changes are for the Good.
People can refuse or put off recovery for many different reasons.
Don’t let their “all important” couplehood be a reason to resist. 
They both need help.
They must see each other and themselves in bright light.
They may genuinely believe they need each other to survive feelings.
The science of love relationships
First, realize humans are hard-wired for love, your body’s health depends on it.
Insecure people who may not be thriving, crave love marking the experience of Oxytocin “a love hormone” with a survival salience.
Second, you are wired to release Oxytocin, the chemical known as the “cuddle hormone,” in response to the object of affection.
Feeling loved and secure has everything to make this brain chemistry response.
Any blame or attack the of the relationship, it most likely to triggers both partners’ survival strategies.
They will fight back like they are defending their very lives.
Do not talk down, or make condescending or judgemental comments.
Partners are open to each other’s influence.
Getting one person to recognize the need for help paves the way for both.
Partners tend to honor one another’s decisions plus they want to stay together no matter what.  So when one wants to go to rehab, it’s easier for the other to follow suit.
In Summary
Very few facilities will let Couples get addiction rehab together.
“Old Think” was that it doesn’t work and couples must be separated.
My husband and I went to treatment together.
We put off a treatment admission years because we did not want to be apart from each other.While I was dying in the cardiac ICU, we found a place that took us as a couple.
Couples get addiction rehab together.

Any opposition to our relationship pushed us closer together.

We abandoned our parents plus other supportive friends until it was just he and I against the world. This isolation created an even more profound bond between us.

During treatment, we opted to move to separate houses (within the same rehab system) for a while to individuate.
We learned about co-dependency and enmeshment.

We were married and lived together after treatment staying involved and active in 12-step recovery for decades.

My husband relapsed after ten years clean.
It took him two years to stabilize.
My recovery survived even that devastation.

He got his program back on track, and we lived another 18 sober years together before his death.
I am still clean.

Once an addict, always an addict.
That lie is dead.

We do recover.

I am a  grateful recovering addict, staying clean and sober one day at a time, loving my life.

Choose your battles, breaking up a couple is not the priority.
Treatment saves lives.

Call Wits Inn Recovery where Couples get addiction rehab together.
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