Sage Teacher

Sage Teacher Spiritual Addiction Solution California

Sage Teacher Spiritual Addiction Solution
Woke at 3:30 AM overheated in a sweat.
3:00 to 4:30 AM This is the time when
The veil is the thinnest.
Between the conscious and the spirit world. 
Capture this opportunity to feel and listen.
I’m taking notes to bring back with me to the sphere of day and night. 

While becoming a sage one might notice the corporeal eyesight fading as the supernal vision sharpens.  Beholding the green and blue beauty of the earth can be quite breathtaking it’s true, but when the time is right to catch a glimpse behind the veil, it wakes me up.
I to want to appreciate it when I come to during the witching hours.

Craving truth, I rise quietly to position myself into the flow of reading, writing, receiving or recording the messages that are afloat in the air around me.

Knowing I am Divinely guided, I rise from my soft, warm bed to gather my animals and proceed to my place of meditation and study.

Sage Teacher
Wake Up
Work with what you’ve got

Opaque watercolor 1800 India depicts a group of women visiting the sage Rishyashringa.  The scene reflects a custom wherein the people went to the holy men to secure children, good health, prosperity, and other manifestations of good fortune.

The story depicted here is one of the women sent by the king to seduce this person of spiritual power.  This groups of finely dressed women approach with food arranged on leaves in their outstretched hands. They intend to lure him away to their kingdom where they are in a drought in need of rain.

Using words to describe this message can take away the depth.
But Briefly:

Women and their feminine wiles
The King’s knowledge and use of the women’s efficacy
Capturing spiritual solution by exercising our earthly tools

Art of War on Active Addiction

Recognize reality. Like in the Art of War
Take an inventory.
Take stock of what you have.
Work Smart.
As we Wake up
Addicts want to give and receive love efficiently.
Know this is the truth of most every being.
Use this Knowledge of the need for love.
Addicts need to get clean and sober.
Active addiction is a spiritual and social death.
Often physical death is a part of active addiction. 

Do you need a Sage to learn how to live life clean and sober?
Does your family need a sage teacher to learn how to help the addict you love?

Comfortable medical detox. Professional Therapeutic Rehab
Taking stock, I use this story – a placeholder

Loriann Witte Wits Inn 

Recovery Sage

Loriann Witte
Wits Inn Recovery
Spiritual Recovery Sage

(Getting the dog and cat as I travel from the bed to the chair.)

For some time now my office has been a lazy boy recliner with multi-level air desk and tables all within reach. Of course with the plushest blankets and pillows.

The sage teacher – seeker has learned to keep the body cushioned and ready to be heated or cooled in the most soothing positions. The body complains loudly drowning out the still small voice if the creature comfort demands are left unattended.
All electric foot, neck, and back adjustments are more of the gifts I provide.

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