Sleep Heals

Sleep Addiction Recovery

Restful Sleep in Addiction Recovery

Overcome pain insomnia depression syndrome.
Addicts need to rest. People enter rehab centers with this intention.
As a matter of fact, the serenity of sleep is a magnificent gift in creation.  

Sleep in recovery

Active Addiction robs a person of their sleep and restoration.

A large percentage of addicts, as well as alcoholics, and other obsessive, compulsive personalities report trauma in their past. 
Some level of trauma, stress, or emotional upset has occurred before the onset of seemingly uncontrollable repetitive habits.

Old emotional wounds combined with repeatedly breaking promises to yourself can make it hard to rest.

Complex factors in active addiction include too much sleep and the lack of it.

Rest irregularities can follow a person into recovery.
Getting clean off of chemicals at the same time as stopping alcohol for the purpose of restoring health breaks the cycle of chronic pain and insomnia.

We must learn to operate on food and sleep;
when we want to stop drugs and alcohol.

Sleep and Food is Health

Sleep and Food are our fuel.                                                      We no longer comfort ourselves with chemicals.

Why does a person want to get high?

People want to feel better and to have fun.
 We drink and use for the excitement and to take a break from reality.

Intoxication promises a relaxed state wanted for flirting and sex.

The truth often turns out very differently than expected.

The desire for comfort can become unbridled chaos.

 The primary goal of Addiction recovery is to achieve and maintain serenity.

Kangaroo babies teach us how to snuggle down to restful sleep.

Sleep Comfortably

Rest Your Body, Mind, and Soul.

Must have some kangaroo in my family tree.
I like to be snuggled in and tucked.
Sleeping in a hoodie to cover neck, ears, and shade my eyes. + an airplane curved neck pillow over my eyes. All this only after placing towels and stuffed animals over all of the glowing lights from electronics.

Three little pillows statically set on three body points around me.
One long pillow behind my back, and one cold lightning ergonomically correct under my head.
Dog, Cat, and plus one in status quo positions.
One window cracked about 2 inches, closed wooden blinds, bathroom door closed tight, with the hall door just ajar.
All of This commences only after all living room lights are off except for a nightlight in the adjoining bath.
TV must be off or an obtained guarantee that the TV will be off soon.

Develop your personal sleep ritual.

 1. To begin a rest cycle, notice time and changing eye movement.
2. Prepare watered hot milk.
Headphones – youtube sleep meditation music
Out in less than 2 minutes BAM!   A grand part of my art. 
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