Beyond the physical evidence

Metaphysical Reasons for Addiction Root Causes

What is meant when we say the word metaphysical.
It simply means beyond the physical.
The conceptual cause behind the evidence.

It can be said that everything is created twice.
Frist as a thought, and next it is brought into form via action.

Deep therapy to change the person and heal wounds.

Start with rapid stabilization, name and acknowledge primary issues quickly.
Know that sorting through the prominent events of pain and discomfort of a lifetime is a much more simple process than expected.

One wound or a few are revisited and re-enacted time after time.

Get to it.

Name it.

See it, feel it, touch it, and release it to the process of recovery.

We truly can get over this stuff that has been ‘killing us.”

Recovery is easy and feels wonderful.
The secret to it is you must stay in the continuous process of daily practice.

There is no completion date.
You and the body of your affairs improve rapidly while the recovery process continues.
In the case of disordered eating ask, what is eating you?

Drinking or using drugs, Ask why do you need anesthetic? What hurts?

Go way back in your history. Look around at the scene of the past.

Today’s pain is often an echo, re-experiencing, or re-creating old stuff.

Did your romance break your heart?

Had you experienced abandonment, neglect, or an emotionally unavailable relationship with a caregiver when you were beginning to learn about love as a child?

The complex creative minds of humans tend to act out scenarios repeatedly in an effort to ‘get it right’

or re-experience the sensations that we have tagged love salience.

We love our childhood caretakers as our fist contact with God.

The source of our supply, life-giving, protectors, the ones we must turn to with all of the devotion you are able to muster.   The root of love and adoration.

Mom’s neglect can consist of her having other children or a life of her own that takes time away from you.

In early development, the human instinct of survival is as pronounced as ever. The totally dependent situation begins to teach the adaptation skills needed throughout life.

Seek and ye shall find. (the birth canal) (the breast)

Ask and receive. (Crying for food and care)

(showing need, showing when satiated)  – reacting to noise – reacting to sweet words and nuzzling

Love and be love. (smiling, cueing)

At the other end of the spectrum, Mom’s neglect can stem from her involvement in alcoholism, mental or physical illness, divorce, or poverty.

A well to do family, having a comfortable home, may love their child; yet the child can perceive a lack of comfort because Mom or Dad are business people wanting to get back to their careers as soon as possible.

The love and comfort needs may be underserved.

As a long term therapist working in chemical dependency and mental health treatment centers, my accumulated observations point to recurrent details of childhood stressors.

In generally the addictive personality developers in a much more clearly defined situation of at least stress, if not trauma.

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