Set Priorities

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Upon awakening, I ask my higher self, Ok thoughts “You are all important, Who’s First?”
My Program Standard for Living List of Priorities in order of importance.
1.  Program Mind = AA/OA sobriety before abstinence –
(in a process to hold equally as top priority) 
If I a not sober, I have nothing. 
God giveth and God taketh away. 

Journaling Writing my feelings.

Set Priorities

Set Priorities Live Mindfully in Addiction Recovery

Abandon ‘Free Floating Anxiety.’ Choose Clarity.
Confusion is the voice of disease.
Mindful Living is the action of recovery.

Reading Program Literature

Prayer Treatment

‘Treat and Move my Feet = Action.

2. God Spirit = me – music/sleep – treatment prayer/meditation of stillness and walking meditation in all I do in service to oneness / my work is a meditation + cleaning + cooking +friends + dog + self-care of grooming + loving & polite scheduling of each one day at a time.

3. Body = Food – Exercise –
Living Action = Love / Family / Relationships / Friends – notes, calls, posts
Home / Dog / Cat – Keeping my “own’ house in order.
Paid, Mutual Respect with Roommate Family, Organized, Stocked, Maintenance.

4. Creativity = Walking
Investing time into refilling the well to energize my thinking and manifestations.

Ways to Refill the well of emotions and experience.

Artist Dates
Budgeting / Banking –
Keeping Abreast of What’s known and What’s newly discovered.

5. Work
Writing & Art
Social Media Marketing
Equals $’s The ‘Crystallized Energy’ $’s to fuel the earth stuff and free up this level of explorations.

Just for Today Addicts Do Recovery
Morning Pages Julia Cameron
Meeting your shadow and taking it out for coffee, Builds higher consciousness throughout your day.  

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. ” Vince Lombardi
This quote brings to mind my most beloved Earnest Homes teachings.
“Peace of mind is my goal. Setting my intention is Power.”
Works of Wayne Dyer

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