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OA HOW program
Overeaters Anonymous Step Two

“Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” 
Releasing Fear

Friday, May 19, 2017

God is within me, at the core of my beingness.
Meditation and prayer is a point of contact.
My yoga is an entrance.
Sponsor, Sponsoring, writing, reading, listening, meetings and seeking positive contact fills me with the power of Holy Spirit.  

Higher Power, Higher Self cares about what I eat.  
I am grateful for the willingness and the ability to stay abstinent.

Attitude adjustment is mine, I claim it.
This is the truth of Loriann.
I write exactly this plus the unseen manifestations of this belief into the universal book of experience.
I release control by embracing faith in the OA program.

And so it is.  

OA Modeling Health

Stop the cycle of family obesity.

Have I come to believe that I need to change? Why ?

How do I feel about replacing my old ideas with a faith that works?

What actions am I willing to take that other say have worked for them? I am that, I am.

I am that, I am.

That is my perfect health.
Focus, start, and complete.
Release realized truths in lavish gratitude.
Feel what it is like, now that it is yours.
Let it be done

I am that, I am.

That = I am Abundant

In breath – I am coming out from God

Out Breath – I am sending this message back to God


2 eggs with onion and ghee

1 cup cantaloupe I guess equals a half of cantaloupe

1 cup of whole milk for the day


3 oz of leftover ribeye + hummus and celery if there isn’t enough steak to make 3 ozs

1 cup cauliflower

1 cup cabbage salad with 1 teaspoon mayo and Mrs dash


3 oz chicken

1 cup mushroom & onions

1 cup romaine and red peppers with 1 tablespoon El Torrito

1 cup cabbage salad with 1 tbs mayo and Mrs. Dash

Blissful Conscious Contact

Powerful Meditation – Connect with God!

Step One

Discuss the critical nature of your disease and the denial

Talk about the progression.

I walk allowing the sun, the air, the fog to fully caress my body.

I go to bed early and wake early, I work hard only at tasks that will benefit the world.

I would not be a winemaker, nor a pill maker, but a healer,

An evangelistic model of the peace of God’s mind.

I live in health, releasing all bondage of fear.

My food is simple, and I need little.

I bath often and soothingly.

Breathe deeply, exercise regularly and gently.

I am health.

With prayer, The real eye of me overcomes with any idea of the cowardly body.

In exploring solitude in nature aware as raw internal frontiers reveal themselves.

I no longer limit Divine Law in any way.  I trust

and know that everything I declare comes to me

with great benefits added.  I experience the

The Joy of Living!  And So It Is!


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