Cravings Addiction Process Will Power is not Enough

Ask any addict of any description about the cravings.

The most regularly reported symptoms that surely sustain addictions are the cravings.
Recent neuroscience has clearly shown that various experience patterns change brain chemistry, thereby setting up a vicious cycle of life changing mood swings.
Trauma threats to sexual safety, noises of rage or anger, oppressive control, allowances that border on neglect, and the like can lead to a vicious cycle of which it is difficult to escape.

“Swearing off with or without a solemn oath” is a quote from the Big Book of AA.
Commitment to behavioral changes and self-control is so too often followed by the disappointment of once again ‘breaking promises that you’ve made to yourself.

The repetition of self-defeating actions done against your own will, create a compound resulting in a negative impact on the production of mood stabilizing chemicals in the brain.



The destructive patterns set up by a real or perceived traumatic past bring
about lifestyles that continue to often one’s psyche.


Feeling of failure

Questioning the impeccability of your word

breaches in integrity

Body dysmorphia




Emotional pains spawn mental, physical, and spiritual suffering.

All be it subtle and easily swept aside as “just the way I am.”



financial fears or terrors


Broken important relationships

landmarks on the scale

stress illnesses

panic attacks


heart attack



Your body and your body of affairs keep score while telling the tale.

Let us only ask why for long enough to come out of denial about the severity of the malities.
The spiritual solutions that many believe to be the most comforting are based on revealing a clear picture of the ‘root of the matter’ that must be restored to perfection.  Understanding and accepting what is happening

Understanding and accepting what is happening in the effort to forge on in self-love.
Learning to accept and embrace our entire life experiences


Meditation heals brain chemistry.

     Humble, plea for mercy and grace, Pray to God to Help and Save You.
     I respect your successes. Right here today, in the here and now, humility and willingness are the answers.
     Humbly accept the much-needed help that is being offered to you.
     Be willing to work within these systems of professionals. They are learned, maybe not luxurious, but highly effective – if you can get in and stay in.
      The process will save your life, change your life for the much better.
       Check your ego for now.
You may never want it back, in recovery you may not need ego, you’ll find grace.










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