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Bali Rehab Exotic

Get away from it all.
Relaxed, serene place to change your life direction.

Bali Rehab Retreat

Discrete, transformative, individual treatment solutions for long-term recovery found in
Bali Rehab

Holistic Bali Rehab

Ayurveda, a holistic health system, the sister science to yoga.

Yoga works from the inside out. Yoga physically initiates an unfolding of the spirit and a
Ayurvedic treatments as well as meditation, not only work hand in hand to create a shift on the physical level, they also remove unconscious blocks that create chronic stress and addictive behavior patterns.
“We do recover.”

Spiritual Solutions          877-724-7472

Healing allows for changing the mind about old ideas. Letting Go.
We offer spiritual solutions for mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Nestled amidst the serene rice paddy fields of Ubud, a retreat designed to reconnect you to your higher power, deepen your spiritual practice and strengthen your emotional foundation.

Addiction Treatment and Healing

Therapeutic Practices open your mind to Higher Levels of Thinking
Ayurveda begins the same process, starting with an in-depth purification of
body and mind.

Exotic getaway. Treatment and Healing Intoxication anxiety issues.

A private holistic addiction treatment program in central Bali that offers comprehensive treatment for all addictions, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety, and grief. We address the cause of our client’s addiction by developing ‘one on one’ treatment programs specific to each client’s needs.

Our treatment program combines 12 Step foundations with an approach incorporating the best of Eastern and Western practices. At Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing we work with each client towards a common goal of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.

Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing offer treatment programs specifically designed for each guest after we assess their needs.

Our service is very private and highly confidential with several accommodation options depending on the needs of each client. Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing works at the root of addiction on three levels – body, mind, and spirit. By addressing one area without the others, the possibility of relapse increases significantly.

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