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Get Real Recovery Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Helping Others

Walk out of your house as a Shepherd                             
Help Others

It’s Time to Get Real!
Of course, a Dual Diagnosis Rehab needs to understand how to improve Brain Chemistry and Thinking Patterns.  Get Real and Change your thinking to change your experience.

First and foremost is Medical stabilization.
Accordingly, detox and medication needs must be carefully assessed by Doctor.

Get Real Rehab
Often, Improving Brain Chemistry for many starts with medication.
Consideration of Many aspects of health is all a part of rehab. 

Taking a look at negative lifestyle habits resulting from mental illness combined with drug or alcohol.
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Get Real Rehab

Get Real Recovery
At The Beach

Negative Lifestyle Habit

1. TV or Music left on in through the night – inhibits REM Sleep                             
2. Organizational Skills – Lacking or Obsessing
3. Couch Potato –  Movement benefits brain chemistry and sleep
4. Looking for Opportunities to be of Service – Get out of Self – Help Others 

Dual Diagnosis Poem
We run, but we cannot hide

I fled from drugs down the corridors of my mind,

yet they knew where I would hide,

it seemed that drugs,

– Were –

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once again carved in my mind of stone,

although many I’ve tried to run from,

I’d get tired of running & give in,

I was engulfed once again,

torn apart from the inside out.

I let them attack me with no inner love,

my soul – fading away,

what a pattern I felt I had to uphold,

and for who or what.

The intense grip of learned structure,

which led to insecurity within,

or when I closed my eyes to sleep,

Get Real Success

Experience an Entire Psychic Change

the light shows started,

flashing with fear,

as my body shook.

Still not free from bondage – even in my sleep,

not free of the fleeting journeys,

Chasing, caressing the drugs as my mind unfolds.

Please God give me the courage to speak,

will anyone listen,

will anyone really care?

Give me the courage oh lord,

to speak to the drugs who scold me,

to walk away & finally be free.          
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