Made a Decision

Decide to Reclaim your Life Addiction Rehab

Once you decide to reclaim your life,
sobriety is the next indicated step.

My drinking life is unmanageable
I have to Decide.
1. When I lived in Active Addiction, I planned to stop drinking and using.
2. I swore off often, with and without a solemn oath.
3. I wanted a Real Life.
4. I knew I needed to get clean and sober to get myself together.

I needed a magic wand. I didn’t know how to build a bridge from my high life to a straight life in recovery.

First of all, I had to make a Decision
I had to decide to open my mind and become teachable.

1. I had to learn how to believe a sober life could be mine.
2. I needed in-depth instruction.
3. With structured treatment getting and staying clean became a reality.

4. I needed to see and know other people’s Choice to Recover worked out for them.

The importance of being immersed in Recovery.
Interacting with  
Others who were similar to me.
Getting to know people who had been able to get recovery and be happy about it.
I needed to live with folks who were also engaging in this new start into a new life.
Equally important was my exposure to clean addicts and alcoholics who had successfully changed their lifestyles.

In short, I desperately needed to know that I could be as relieved in sobriety.
I had to know that the rush of getting high could be duplicated in a clean life. Intoxication meant so much to me. I gave my marriage, sacrificed a relationship with my children, and risk my dignity on a daily basis. That’s how much the drugs and alcohol held me.

I must know that I can be as delivered as the first drink or a hit of cocaine could make me feel.

In other words, was getting sober indeed worth it.
Or would I miss my buzz, crave it for the rest of my life, never feeling that good again.

My Decision to go to Rehab with an open Mind
began to make me believe a Better life was possible for me.
It started with Medical Detox. I need a Gentle step down from high to straight.

I was a nervous wreck about the whole process, so I needed calming comfort medications.

My sleep had been more like passing out high so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to sleep in Rehab.

The idea of not sleeping, laying awake with my thoughts in a remote treatment center terrified me.

I was comforted to know getting a sleeper was not out of the question in early recovery.

I made friends in rehab. The classes where the facilitators talk about some big, deep feeling issues seems to bond you to some of the other folks, even if you don’t talk about your stuff.

Just being exposed to profound truths in each other presents tends to humanize each other.

People don’t seem like strangers, within a day of shared therapy, walls start to disappear.

Some clients resist through much of the process. But the majority get serious. Even if they joke or scoff in between sessions, they want to be there and will argue to stay in rehab if their stay becomes in question.

Wits Inn Recovery is the easier softer way to face up to secrets from way back.

Running and trying to hide is the wrong solution, so the drugs and alcohol become just as significant or greater than the original sexual abuse problem.

Buck up.

Make an Important Choice to Suit up, and show up at rehab.
Ask for help. Get Real.

Health Insurance may cover treatment fees.

If you need to pay cash or a co-pay of some thousands, it’s time to the truth to whoever you have that is in the position to help you.

You believe people who don’t care about you anymore might step up to the plate when you get honest about that with which you are dealing.

Protecting secrets and hiding the truth doesn’t make you look sharp.

People wonder what is wrong with you.

Remember, sexual abuse can’t be your excuse.
Bad parenting gets to be a stale explanation as we continue to age.
Injuries and disappointments fade in importance to those around us, as the alcoholic dwells on these long gone incidents.

Mental Illness and Addiction may be caused by what happened to you.
But – For Sure – Mental Health comes about by how quickly and thoroughly you can let go of past.

But, getting ready to face up to it and get over it, can create solid ground where you can build a new life.

Our relatives don’t want to hear any victim like excuses.

When we were kids, being sexually victimized is due to a perpetrator’s superior knowledge or strength.

As adults, it is likely to react the most painful sexual routines where we first experienced titillation.

Why do we choose love partners and friends who remind us of our parents and other most influential characters of our lives?

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