Create you Life

Life of Addiction After Sexual Abuse

First and Foremost make a decision to not give one more second of your life to the perpetrators.
Were the Joys of living stolen from you?
Know your depressed and fearful behaviors since then keeps your joy away.

You can take it back times the power of all of your years of experience.
This time now is your Life.
It is your responsibility to recognize your Joy.
Revel in it.

Settle in, get a grip.
Now is the time you can fight back in a meaningful way.
It’s not about the perpetrators, not about revenge, Living Well is at hand.
Grab all of the good Life that is yours to be had.

Take a big Bite. You’ve missed out on too much already.

Wanta go to Rehab?
Need Medical Detox?  Yes or No?
Do you have Insurance?
Can we help you ask your loved ones for financial help?
Cash prices start below $10 thousand.
Luxury settings are available.
Pet-Friendly Accommodations may be possible.
What about couples going for treatment?

Call 877-724-7472

Google my name Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI  Wits Inn Recovery
We will verify your insurance coverage Text 949-413-4109 a
Picture of the front and back of your insurance card + your Date of Birth
include a pic of your driver’s license.
Please text me your email

Click Here to enter your Insurance Info


To make the most of life, I have chosen to embrace it as the precious gift that it is.
I have chosen to live with purpose.
With love, and integrity.

How about you?
As you reflect on your life, ask yourSelf,
What is good about my life?
What would I like to change?
What options do I have to change?

What would I like to change?
What options do I have for change and what I would like to change about my life?

“There is more to life than merely increasing its speed.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Spirit, God, is the Infinite & Absolute Mind contains all action within Itself!

Whatever your current station in life, it is unique to you.

Today, I invite YOU to set sail with your skills, talents, and abilities.
Your intelligent mind is a blessing.

Do your personal best, with an open heart.

Be the best you can BE for yourSelf and others.

As you listen to your heart, things always have a way of falling into their perfect places.
Through the good times, and the not so good times; Through ups and downs.
Through highs lows and the bumps in the road.

Be grateful for your life, It’s purpose and direction.
Most importantly, recognize your innate ability to change course.

Only you can provide your hearts’ desires.
Of this, I Am certain!

BE The Source within YOU… Now!

Remember… Have a Magnificent day.

1. Private Counseling
2. Family Interventions
3. In your home Treatment

Call Rhonda Farrah 949-527-1547


Addicts Do Recovery

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