treating trauma intoxication

Treating Trauma Intoxication and Recovery

In fact,  What is Trauma

Moreover, what can we expect?

Aside From:
Addiction and Trauma Recovery?
TREATING TRAUMA and Depression


Chemical Dependancy treatment likewise improves Mental Health.

Trauma Intoxication Baggage

Emotional baggage can bring Trauma into our lives.

In other words, RECOVERY enables one to find the Joy of Living.
Learn how to ‘work a program’ for your life from then on,
As a result, Happiness is yours.

Also, brain chemistry is stabilized Like never before.
Thus we feel and act better.

To put it another way, ‘pause when Agitated.’ Stop and think a situation through.
First, do Research.  Be sure you know the facts.
Then seeks counsel. Ask other’s opinion.

After that, devise a plan of action.
Eventually take cautious and flexible action.
Take time for a thoughtful consideration.
Higher thinking is to proceed with caution.
As opposed to the unrestrained backlash of behaviors.


1. Trauma Intoxication is a reaction to a life problem.
Chemical dependency rehab similarly treats depression.
Trauma intoxication
We learn how to “Take Action.”
In comparison, Reacting is a Juvenal and undisciplined approach.

Once again:
Reacting to pain with trauma intoxication.
Drinking more, using prescription, or street drugs.
As the reaction to a situation of stress.

Is Of course not the healthy way to heal.

Without a doubt:
MENTAL ILLNESS has become activated.

2. Treating trauma intoxication is the beginnings of healing.
First, one suffers Increased drinking or using drugs.
While trying to cope with painful situations, we are surprised by the upsets.


Extramarital affair
Job loss
Injury or Illness
Empty Nest

We feel we have been ‘done wrong.’

In like manner, we want to act out.
Soon making pain worse.
However while trying to ease our anguish, we become sadder.


After that:

3. Getting high has built in expectations.
Begin as exuberant fun.
And ends with accidental hardships.

Relief from suffering
Sexual Abandon

In spite of our expectations.
Our experience is rather peculiar.
Despair increases.

4. Continued partying in contrast results are other than expected.
Rethinking Traumatic Thoughts

After so much time:

Loose Living – Acting Out

In conclusion:

5. Individuals vary in how much consumption is “too much.
” How much alcohol can be handled physically?”
“When is the emotional breaking point?”
Drunkenness, Delirium, and Intemperance
In contrast, while expecting: fun.
In anticipation of Euphoria, Ecstasy, buoyancy, and Glee; while we receive a decline in wellbeing.
treating trauma intoxication

Dreams IN WITHDRAWAL or after a painful Affairs. 
Trauma Intoxication can result in Life Affirming Treatment. 
Recovery from this pain restores Joy.

To sum it all up:
Treatment is the answer.
Furthermore, may be a need for therapy caused part of the trauma.

Wits Inn Recovery can call rehabs for you.

We start with verifying insurance coverage.

Next our database knows which facility accepts your benefits.
Naturally, we seek the lowest co-pay.

While bearing in mind your particular needs and wants.
Our ultimate goal is no out of pocket cost. 

If at all possible.

We make every attempt to negotiate on your behalf.

Text 949-413-4109
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Date of Birth.
Picture of your driver’s license.
An admission counselor with contact you soon with information. 
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