pet friendly drug rehab

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Orange County California

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehabs in Orange County California

Pet-friendly drug rehab is now available in Orange County.
People can come to rehab with their pet. Service dogs are able to go, of course, but so are emotional support animals.
We have settings that will accept most small pets who are in good health and house trained.

We know you love your dog. 
We love dogs, and we want to show you, love.

A Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab welcomes you to come in for treatment and bring your pet with you.

Pet-friendly drug rehab Orange County

You love your dog


Emotional Support Dog

Your dog can be your emotional support dog

Dogs help rehab people settle into the program.
We know you love your dog.
We love dogs, and we want to show you, love.
A Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab welcomes you to come in for treatment and bring your pet with you. 

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab includes medical detox (if you need it.) Education about what the drugs are doing to your body and your brain. Rehab therapy explores what the drug lifestyle has done in your experience.


Pet-Friendly Rehab

Emotional Support DogsHow is the relationship with the family?How are you getting along romantically?


Are you lonely?
What’s happening with finances?
Did you fulfill your childhood dreams?
How’s the dog?

Dogs Assist Mental Health

People make friends with dogs faster than they do with people. Having your fur baby with you is an icebreaker. When you want to be alone, it is nice to be alone with your dog beside you.

Emotional Support Dogs
Emotional Support Dogs are acceptable in most rehabs. If at all possible, call you doctor and ask for a letter that states your emotional sensitivities or diagnosis that are co-occurring with your addiction.
Click the link Emotional Support Dogs read to understand the laws and guidelines.  If you need to get to treatment now, and don’t have time to get your dog registered as an emotional support dog, just call us and we will get you in as soon as possible. 877-724-7472.
Dog-Friendly Addiction Treatment
Accepts your ‘
four-legged.’ constant companion to accompany you to get the help you need and want. 

Emotional Support Pets

If you are up to getting your pet an ID, great.
If you need to admit right now, we’ll work through this with you.

Pets are a decisive factor in mental and emotional health. If your dog is too big to be welcomed into the program, we may have dog loving friends who can take care of your pet in their home.  Visiting arrangements as often as possible.

Dog-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab
working with insurance coverage
Pet-Friendly drug rehab
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Now is the time to become the person my dog has continued to believe I am.

Emotional support dogs often fly no charge.

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