Kauai recovery

Kauai Recovery Post Stroke

Kauai Recovery Post Stroke
A trip from California to Kauai exposes this sober alcoholic to
the Kauai Recovery 12-step Community. 
‘A neurological event’ was what the Doctor’s have called it.
Close to three years ago, I was hospitalized on the stroke unit.
It was 103 degrees at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA.
The experienced changed my life.

The first emergency room said it was an anxiety attack and administered a valium
But it changed my life from that day on.
Multiple medical t
ests found no stroke.
Disneyland Anaheim Heat Stroke

We had a concierge as a guide at Disney for our family vacation.
My son had his daughter in a stroller, while my husband rode a fast electric mobility scooter.
Just having turned 60, I felt determined to show off my youth and strength to my son.
He does lots of active things, and I want to included in the fun.
I see myself as an athlete.
A projectile sweating event knocked me to the ground, completely disoriented, unable to move. Long lines of 51 Flavors ice cream customers crowded around the store front of Main Street, USA.
An ambulance came to me with the Disney paramedics and Anaheim police.
I was unable to respond.

Paramedics came to my rescue.

Wondering if I might have died I seemed to watch this event unfold from outside of myself.
Loosely tethered to the scene.
I drifted around above it all feeling like I was watching a movie.

The brain that changes

"I speak three languages – English German, and spastic, which is my native tongue".Andrew was born with cerebral palsy but he, along with his trainer Lee, is literally learning how to rewire his brain to overcome his disability.

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Post Stroke
The people who live with me are accustomed to my ‘New Normal.’ 

I feel aware of how far I have progressed
in my post-stroke recovery.
I don’t want just to stay home.

Traveling to Kauai feeling I want my life to continue.
Retirement came with the stroke.
People go on are ready to travel once retired. 
Ram Das says “So now I’m learning to take my healing into my hands.
Healing is not the same as curing, after all; Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God.”
Recovery Kauai

Peace is loving Today’s Reality

In the here and now I operate in this ‘New Normal’  “In the case of severely impaired by this stroke, I considered not speaking publicly anymore since the words came so slowly, but people insisted that my halting new voice-enabled them to concentrate on the silence between the phrase. Now that I speak more slowly, people tend to finish my sentences for me, and thus to answer questions for themselves. Though I once used silence as a teaching method, it now arises without my control and allows for a sense of emptiness, a void that listeners can use as a doorway to their inner quiet.My guru once said to a visitor complaining about her suffering, “I love pain. It brings me so close to God.” In this same way, I’ve learned that the incidents associated with aging — including this stroke — can be used for our spiritual healing, provided we learn to see through new eyes.Although my outer life has been radically altered, I don’t see myself as a stroke victim. I see myself as a Soul who’s watching “him” experience the aftermath of this cerebral hemorrhage. Having accepted my predicament, I’m much happier than I was before.” https://www.ramdass.org/still-here/

Kauai Recovery

So I take my recovery on the road to Hawaii

Kauai recovery is very sweet. It’s a gentle jungle, no predators. Indeed, it is a benefit of my sobriety to be able to spend time on that island, combined with the blessing of surviving the stroke.
There are warm tropical breezes night and day. But like all life it has, it’s limitations.

Post Stroke Kauai Recovery
Think colors, greens, and blues in ethereal light shades of each color.
The rain is soothing and fresh.
The rain’s maybe the best part.
It gets hot, little bugs bite. Deet mixed with 50 sunscreen spray.
Ke’e beach trails. One goes to the birthplace of the hula.
Way up on high cliffs. The trail is a path up, up, up.
Rocks to climb not higher than 2 feet for one step at a time, with more rocks right around the steeper steps.
Climbing over downed trees maybe 2 feet off of the ground, if you go on the most beaten trails.
There are raw paths that demand more serious climbing strength. Most every path includes mud that stings, foliage to move, and extremely uneven ground on a steep incline.
Post Stroke Recovery Kauai

Post Stroke Recovery Kauai

Where I ran into problems was needing to be aware and able to make quick decisions about multiple fields of stimuli to keep moving along safely.

I’m 65 and physically healthy. I was trying to keep pace with my 45-year-old friend. She is sensitive to me and has been around me since the beginning of the post-stroke symptoms.She is all about Kauai recovery because she has been here many times before. So caring, she is willing to baby me at some times over. I love all of that except in the case of asking me lots of questions to meet my needs.
Question are not my favorite things. I stay genuinely delighted in a semi-meditative state.
Unsolicited questioning demands that I switch to a new subject in my thought process. I can change subjects of thought. It seems my processor runs slowly. I need to rethink the introduction of the new topic, so I can be sure of what I heard.
I’m trying to figure out if I’m expected to answer the question.
Access the situation to know how I am supposed to respond.
After all of this is completed, I begin to search my body and mind to think “do I want a sandwich?” Or do I want to go to Walmart or swim 1st?
This is the time start to stutter, cluck, or hiss. I begin to formulate planning what it would take to get ready to accept invitation over the other option. I must weigh out which preparation would be the easiest, or impossible. Most often my answer is “I don’t know” Said in the effort to buy more time to think about, hoping they go away without giving me more choices. Especially rapid fire variations or I may go on tilt. If my boyfriend is around, he rescues me at this juncture.
Well, that’s a list of my shortcomings.

Kauai Recovery
Now to present my superpowers.
At night I fly in my dreams. Mostly just right up off of the ground by catching air in any hand-sized container. In a pinch, I can fly high, from one building roof to the next if I have the air right container and flow of mood. I have to feel well practiced when attempting to obtain high lift.

I love soaring.
Here in Hawaii; surprised by the recovery time I needed to stabilize from flights.
The travel was harder than I’ve ever experienced in my past states of body and mind.
Nonetheless, anyone who recovers from addiction can both fly and enjoy Kauai.
Call 877-724-7472 for Drug and Alcohol recovery help.
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