walked out of addiction

Walked out of Addiction

Walked Away from Addiction and Fear

Walked out of Addiction

It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

I walked my way out of addiction into recovery. My self-soothing routines are the time I spend in my higher mind.

I grew up out in the country in Pennsylvania walking with my dog in the pastures and woods forming my emotional landscape.

Turbulence could be heard coming from my house at times, even from my heavenly vantage points in the hills overlooking our five home neighborhood.
Mum screamed her way through my young life. Raging in mental illness, hypochondria, and prescription addiction.

Walking away from addictions

Keep walking,
Seeing through the distances is not for human beings. Move within yourself,
stop walking in fear.

Walked away
from Addiction
I went on to pass through death’s door in the expression of my sadness and trauma.

After rehab,
I lived in a sober living house for several years while I completed college.

Walked Fit for Recovery

I drew on my old skill of walking, to find alone time, exercise, and enjoy my new found clarity of thought. Walking the steep hills of Laguna Beach California, restored me to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. With the sunshine and breathing deeply,

I listened to recordings of speakers while I walked. Allowing myself to be ‘spoon fed’ the coping skills that changed my thinking and changed my life. Forever grateful.
Addiction holds health threatening stress.
You don’t have to live this way. Treatment is where we
start to learn how to treat ourselves much more gently.
Treatment is where we break the cycle of addictive behavior.

Recovery is a process of reprogramming our long and short term thinking. Recovery is a program that is spiritual and active. We must always be helping others.

Each Action Heals

After years of suffering, not being able to keep promises you make to yourself about how you want to live, and finding yourself.

Stabilizing in a recovery program is glorious. It’s such a new way of things. The freedom from active addiction is exhilarating; it’s also confusing and sometimes uncomfortable.

Permission to rest


Fit for Recovery

Move your way to happiness

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