Orange County Sober Living PPO Insurance Paid

Orange County
Sober Living
PPO Insurance Paid

Sober Living

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Sober living while you work
or look for a job
Irvine Sober House the heart of Orange County, CA
Transportation is provided from Sober Living to Counseling 

Orange County Sober Living Comfort

Be Safe, in a supportive sober house environment
PPO insurance pays
Outpatient counseling flexible time schedule

Orange County Sober Living Homes

You didn’t become addicted in One Day
So remember, Easy Does It
Be comfortable
Stay in Recovery Home for as long as possible 
Continue to learn and grow in therapy

Even if you have been discharged from treatment due to running to the end of your benefits,
If you have a PPO – you may still have access to Housing plus
We still maybe able to help

If you have months clean and sober but would benefit
from an PPO insurance paid sober housing and therapy
we will make an effort to connect you to an opportunity
Call 877-724-7472

You can also Text 949-413-4109

Include this Information
1. Picture of the front of your insurance card
2. Picture of the back of your insurance card
3. Your Date of Birth
4. Your email address

We will verify your benefits
Then call you to let you know your coverage.

Wits Inn Recovery works with HMO’s as well as PPO’s
1. Comfortable Medical Detox
2. Treatment Programs

Interventions for the reluctant to recover
Our team will come to you to assist your family
get your loved one willing and ready to get the help they need.

Chaperoned Transportation to Treatment
is a part of the intervention services 

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Wits Inn Recovery 

Addiction and Alcoholism  

is about feeling that you are not enough. 

A feeling of “lack”.    

Alcohol,  Drugs, even anger, sex, sadness, food, and work can be used to the point of mind altering addictions. 

Assess and begin to stabilize the physicaland

psychological damage. 
Introduce structure,

and sense of community.

Denial  of the severity of the problem surrounds the addict and  those who love  them. Click to enlarge pictures of Witts Inn Treatment Center
THE WITTS INN utilizes  medical intervention

in-conjunction with education,  therapy,

family support, & 12-Step  Programs   

Text 949-413-4109

Click Here to Tell Us Your Story
Call   877-724-7472



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