new detox and treatment

New Detox and Treatment

New Detox and Treatment

New Detox and Treatment brings an immediate halt to the lifestyle of an addict or alcoholic.

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new detox and treatment

New Detox and Treatment Orange County



“Now I know it wasn’t you who held me down 

Heaven knows it wasn’t you who set me free

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains

And we never even know we have the key”

When a problem arises we do one of two things. 
We deny the problem. Or we do some research and seek help. How do we know we are in denial 

Everyone has issues!!  If people who love you tell you to get help, take it seriously.

new detox and treatment
 Medical detox is so much better
Don’t try to stop on your own

Another thing we can do when a problems arise is place Blame. “If you were married to him, you would drink too.” 

“How am I supposed to put up with the inappropriate things at work.” Do you know what they did to me?

How do we know if we need help? Ask the sober & saner people in our lives. 

Everyone needs recovery, not just the addicts and alcoholics. When we are physically sick or emotionally uncomfortable, 

we need to recover. To reach for a higher state of being. 
 If we have trust issues, guilt, isolate, have self-doubt, become people pleasers, we can change. Recovery is God’s answer to brokenness. 
New Detox and Treatment
Orange County, Ca
Call Now 877-724-7472 Or text 949-324-6132
Do you have health insurance?Working with your insurance coverage or your cash budget.$10 to 30 thousand for a month of life changing drug and alcohol treatmentClick Here to verify Insurance

How do we recover?  

First is to admit we are struggling.
new detox and treatment
Medicine assisted detox
Rehab small private groups
Step one of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous says, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable.” Replace the word alcohol with whatever the issue…Drugs, guilt, self-doubt, people pleasing, etc. 
Admittance is acknowledging the struggle in inside.  Second, we seek out a safe setting for support.             
 We need a space where being judged is not likely.  Our issues were created from broken relationships. 
We get healed with healthy relationships. gives you the enviroment to need for healing 

Third, we deal with the damage. We think we can heal with our will power. It is our will that gets us into trouble. 
Will power doesn’t work.  New Year’s Resolutions last an average of 6 weeks. How many times have we said, “Just one beer tonight.”  Fruit trees go bad because of a “root” problem. In recovery, we get to the damaged roots. At the end of will power, God is waiting for us with His grace. 

Finally, we heal the root. Our roots get damaged because of unhealthy relationships. In recovery, we discover the damaged root and take actions which heal those roots.

In the real world, many issues disqualify us from society’s club.  Alcoholism and drug addiction are issues which can boot us out of the club. 

Things can be different and we can change. But it takes action. Remember, 

Nothing Great Happens When You Hold Back. Call 877-724-7472

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