Alcoholism Caused Divorce

Alcoholism Caused Divorce

alcoholism caused divorceAn Intoxicated Person cannot effectively meet the needs of their spouse

When is it Time to Leave an Alcoholic?

Intoxication = mind altering creates inconsistent levels of consciousness.  
A person who is intoxicated or coming down cannot effectively meet the needs or desires of their spouse.   

alcoholism caused divorceMany women dream of their wedding day  

Why do women want to get married?


1. Love creates desire for a constancy of this man’s energy in your presence

2. Marriage proves a woman’s worthiness and beauty

3. “Doing it right” Sexual legitimacy

4. For her kids, her Mom, Dad, in law’s respect.  Social pressures

5. Perceived stability in marriage

6. Financial Deal Sealed – Commingled Funds

7. Biological Clock

8. Father figure for kids and possibly for the women herself  


Roughly two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women.

It used to be more likely for a women to stay with a drunken man because of children and money.
Men now as in the past are likely to leave an addicted women more quickly.

Why do Men want to get married? alcoholism caused divorce

As complicated as women appear to be
Men can also be very sensitive when it comes to their committed love life.

What do men want from their wives?

What do men really want, the answer is typically sex. It’s true most men are pre-occupied with wanting and needing sex. But that’s not all they want or need from their partner.

1. Husbands want respect.

alcoholism caused divorceRespect makes a husband feel like a man, it’s also a biblical mandate. Ephesians 5:33 Their by cultural norms are set.

But what does this really mean?

There are many ways to disrespect your husband.

Alcoholism causes divorce because disrespectful joking is often part of the high. Cynical belittling rolls so easily off of the tongue after a few cocktails. “All in fun.” At one time I believed I said the nasty remarks because they were my true feeling loosened up and revealed by intoxication.  

Now I know I have the responsibility of stewardship over my thoughts, words, and deeds.

show your husband the respect he craves (and in return it will create a desire for him to love you fully).

  1. Trust is a reaction to love. It’s a by-product of and key to a healthy marriage.

Drinking and drugs bring about suspicionalcoholism caused divorce

Lowers a person’s inhibitions.  

3. Knowing Home, as a peaceful oasis

Pray for peace in your home.

Take enough of a pause to check in on each other’s emotional temperature when you walk in the door.

Give some time and space to each other as needed

Keep your own house in order, neatness, take charge of the kids, the pets, your family and friends. Continue to establish boundaries. Share your home with your mate first and foremost.

Respect the kids knowing everybody feels safer in a structure.  

4. Husbands want intimacy.

The masculine personality wants to know that he is measuring up and doing well in the world.alcoholism caused divorce

Wife is a reflection of his success

Men want their wives to look good and take care of themselves.


Men fear women will “let themselves go”

Men need to feel their wife is their ally in the financial well being of the family.

Intimacy and sexuality are fueled by all of these factors.

Drinking and using is expensive and bound to adversely affect the family stability.

Everyone looks better in sobriety and health.

The party lifestyle is hard on sexual vitality

If you’re involved with a drug that enhances sexual desire

It very often also enhances the instance of infidelity and acting out behaviors.   

Sex is at the root of many marriage struggles. 

alcoholism caused divorce

It is best to keep sex as a consistent priority in marriage

Intoxication as a big problem or a part time issue is about getting high and feeling “sick” not your best self.

The nuances of life are no longer a priority with fuzzy mind.

Kindness becomes less and less important and survival becomes the guiding force.

alcoholism caused divorce

Does alcoholism cause divorce?

I’m getting divorced for the fourth time and I don’t understand why. My last wife was wonderful and I couldn’t  keep her.

She told me I had two weeks to get into treatment or she was gone. I didn’t take her at her word. That was a mistake. She left me.

alcoholism caused divorceShe was always confused as to why I had to split and if she pressed me about it I got pissy and abrupt. I always had some lame reason as to why i was leaving or where I was going. Looking back my behavior was so cruel. In the morning I’d wake up in bed with her only to run off no sooner than my feet hit the ground. One night I left at 11 pm. I said someone called to say I left a light on in my other house.. what a stupid excuse, my wife was a bright woman. She likely thought I was cheating on her and I was… but not with a woman. Pain pills were my lover now.It started while we dated before we married. I was taking pain pills and hiding it. I would get up in the morning and leave with little explanation. This disease of addiction is no friend of relationships.

What a hard lady on the side to have, alcohol and pills. Its enough to make any woman jealous.

So she left and I’m all alone in the house. The home I bought for my and new wife, my new life. I should have known my drug use would kill my marriage.  Just as it did with the three marriages prior. My life was a train wreck and the drugs were at the controls of the runaway locomotive.

Alcoholism caused me to get divorced four times.

Get help, get sober.

Come out of any denial that keeps you in the pickel.

If your loved one needs help and is unwilling,

Intervention may be your answer.

Call 877-724-7472

Insurance paid treatment opportunities

Coast to Coast placements

your insurance coverage decides where you can go to rehab

Comfortable Medical Detox

Educational, Therapeutic, Holistic Treatment Programs

Many programs are located in the Beach Cities

Learn how to have fun and enjoy life clean and sober

Interventions based on Love and Respect

alcoholism caused divorceComfortable Medical Detox 


Educational, Therapeutic, Holistic Treatment Programs
Many programs are located in the Beach Cities
Learn how to have fun and enjoy life clean and sober

Interventions based on Love and Respect
877-724-7472  call now Counselors are waiting to talk to you



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