Alcoholic Agoraphobia Loudoun County, Virginia

Alcoholic Agoraphobia

Alcoholic Agoraphobia

Alcoholic Agoraphobia is an unexpected side effect of repeated intoxication events.

Brain chemistry altered to the point that fears increase. 

Intolerance is often part of the high. That’s why a person is more likely to argue or fight when under the influence.

Prejudice and fearfulness combined in your thinking making it difficult to trust any unknown individuals or an environment.

Dual Diagnosis Alcoholic Agoraphobia

Anxiety Disorders that Co-Occur With Substance Abuse

Starting out as a respected as a man with a solid character, I fell into a pit of despair.  

I became so beat down from drugs and alcohol use.  My personality and my lifestyle changed completely.  Alcoholic Agoraphobia helped me to isolate in my house more than I wanted to be there. 

The combination of opiates, benzos, suboxone and beer has crushed me.

Alcoholic agoraphobia was setting in from repeated stress of drinking.

I have been committed to psych ward twice in 4 months. I really can’t remember those details.

Alcoholic Agoraphobia.2

I had no purpose in life, no moral compass to guide me.
Mentally and spiritually I was bankrupt.

I grew up in a church, and I know right from wrong, good from bad, but those values and virtues had long gone.

All lost in my addiction. Now alcoholic agoraphobia takes more. 

Buried deep in my subconscious was a mustard seed of grace attached to my conscience.

My morality had become chained up in my addiction.
I was living as though there was no God.
I honestly felt soulless and lost, empty.
Mentally confused,  I couldn’t make a decision on any of my life issues at hand. When pressed to make decisions I’d spend hours laboring over this process fueling enough anxiety to manifest night sweats. 

In alcoholic agoraphobia, I had lost all confidence in myself. All self-esteem had left me some time ago. I hid in my house with the curtains drawn.

I didn’t have enough courage to walk to the mailbox. I was afraid of my mail, and I was sure my neighbors were watching me.

In my mind, I was the crazy neighbor everyone avoided. The phone was no longer a tool for success and happiness.
My phone was now a source of pain. Whenever it rang, I shuttered. I couldn’t face anything outside of my house.

I learned later that this is a dual diagnosis issue called alcoholic agoraphobia.

I was living this way for months, and the mustard seed in my mind was causing me grief.

It had a voice and some mornings when I’d come too … that voice was the first thing I heard.

It said you’re better than this, and you need to make changes and save yourself.

I’d pray my foxhole prayers.

One morning I checked my email. That day a friend sent me a link to Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab program.

Wits Inn Recovery I checked out the website.

It looked promising, so I called the number. 877-724-7472.

The guy who answered was perfect; he understood my suffering and had a message of hope. I connected with him. We were strangers to each other, but I took the connection I felt like a sign that this treatment center was the place where I could get well and strong.  I believed that it was meant to be.

When I hung up, I was excited with a feeling of relief. Like I had been talking to my Grandfather, or to myself as a kid, before all of the drugging and drinkings started.

The next day I was on a plane to Wits Inn Recovery for medical detox and 30 days of residential treatment. It was fun. Newport Beach is a perfect place for a Treatment program.

The Beach Cities area of Orange County California.

Located on the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego. Proper medications for the detox made it ok.

I didn’t feel rushed through the detox, and I wasn’t all drugged up for the therapy part.

As a pill connoisseur myself, I felt they knew what they were doing with the detox meds.

It wasn’t a picnic, but slept through most of the rehab time and was comfortable. (I also panic about detox)

But this experience worked out better than I ever expected.

If you are suffering mental anguish and despair, you can call the number 877-724-7472 just to talk to the counselor and check out what can be done to help you.

Private health insurance or cash pays admission. Advisors will help organize family contributions when needed.

If you are indigent with no financial resources,
start by calling the Salvation Army or your county mental health services.

Many of us suffer from multiple treatable issues. It’s called a dual diagnosis.
The mental and spiritual pain you feel are treatable.  Arrest active addiction. Detox to stop all using allowing the healing to begin.

The staff at Wits Inn can Recovery assess your situation over the phone and help you find the treatment center that will address your specific needs. Choose life and call now. 949-292-2000.

Is Alcoholic Agoraphobia plaguing you?

Are you drinking or using maybe too much or too often? 

Are you only getting high occasionally, but seem to be experiencing consequences?

Wonder if your relationship with intoxication could partially cause your life problems or thinking problems?   

Alcoholic agoraphobia is yet another problem to face.

Are people who love you saying you have the drinking or drug issues? It’s Ok to go natural for a while. 

Learn what mind altering does to you, what it does for you.  Your insurance will probably afford you a rehab experience. 

Call 949-292-2000

Helping people and families with Drug, Alcohol, challenges.

Services ranging from

  1. Medicine-assisted detox,
  1. Rehab treatment centers,
  1. Dual diagnosis programs (addicts who also have mental health care needs),
  1. Facilitated family interventions (When parents want help to get their loved one to treatment)
  2. Evaluations & Assessments

Call us 877-724-7472 or text 949-413-4109

We verify your PPO, HMO insurance finding a rehab for lowest co-pay /or no out of pocket or Cash your price range_______

Alcoholic Agoraphobia and anxiety


Drug / alcohol Detox- Rehab – Intervention

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