xanax detox drug rehab california

Xanax Detox Drug Rehab

Xanax Detox Drug Rehab

Xanax Overdose leads me to 

wake up in the Psychiatric Ward

Xanax psychosis Gun

Xanax Detox and Drug Rehab would hopfully safe my life
I became psychotic drove to my neighbors house

in my underwear 

What I needed was

Xanax detox drug rehab.
I have a got a shotgun pointed
to my head.

It’s 4:00 AM and I’ve overdosed on Xanax.

My truck is parked in the middle of a four way intersection.

All my doors are open and the engine is running.

I was so wasted I had left my truck to go into the wrong home thinking it was my own property.
I was in my underwear and the homeowner had his gun to my head.
I was later told the only reason he didn’t pull the trigger was because I wore a rolex.

Xanax use and abuse leads to the psychiatric ward on this mans porch

At that moment in time I was in a complete psychotic break which would last 18 or 20 hours I’m really not sure. The cops came and took me away and where I went I don’t know.

Xanax Overdose

Xanax Overdose
5150 Hold
Danger to Self and Others

I have no memory. This near death experience, all of the events of that night, were explained to me later.

How could this happen to me?  My wife left because I wouldn’t get help.

Not only did I not get help when she left
I let the beast out completely.

My drinking and drug use spiraled out of control. I need them to dull the pain of my failures and the pills had my soul.

My addiction was in charge of my life and
the only thing certain was

I would die a horrible death or worse.

Would I cause someone else’s death.

My mind was haunted by shadows of dark loneliness and incessant anguish. I thankfully came slowly back to reality.

My first memory was the bright lights on the ceiling above me.
I noticed movement around me that gradually became people, medical people.

I was on a gurney.

I was as if I just awoke from deep sleep.

I’d been given a second awakening.

I was in such blackout from Xanax that I had to find the cop for him to fill me in on all the facts of this event.

Xanax Detox Complications

Xanax Detox Cold Turkey not the way to go – Get Help

After a week on the psych ward and a visit from a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous I decided to re enter residential rehab.

If you’ve been through rehab

and you’re still not clean and sober rehab can still work.

Call us at Wits Inn 888-900-4183

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