drug addicts as drug counselors

Recovering addicts as drug counselors

Recovering Addicts as Drug Counselors

When considering a career choice as a person in recovery many follow the program of AA. To be of maximum service to others is how we stay sober. Only natural that Recovering Addicts as Drug Counselors makes a fine fit.

recovering addicts as drug counselors

Addicts understand Addiction

The professionals who treat recovering addicts often have more than an academic education. First hand drug, alcohol, suffering
and recovery may also be a part of their personal experience. How do I feel about myself today after years in recovery?
I can sleep. I can go to sleep at night, right out, without taking anything.
Being able to sleep gives me the energy to get up in the morning and be a part of life. I have learned that getting up on time is an important factor in my being a productive member of society. Going to bed on time, and being able to sleep is just as important. In the early months of recovery sleep did not come easily to me. I was told I wouldn’t die from losing sleep.

Getting some sober time was promised as the answer to my difficulties. Thank God I hung in there and stayed clean waiting to see that staying sober would change my life for the better. We have to give clean time, time to change us.

This means a great deal to me. I never could sleep before getting clean. I laid awake and suffered, thinking of all of my insurmountable problems. I’d think and think instead of sleep. My mind played movies for me every night in living color. I’d lay in bed and re-live any embarrassment or shame from the ‘now showing’ selection of my ‘mental movie’ collection. The program of recovery has showed me how to clean up my act. I don’t experience embarrassment and shame on a regular basis in my new live.

Recovering addicts as drug counselors

My brain chemistry is balanced. I live without drugs or alcohol. No more getting high and then coming down hard. Hurt feelings are no longer the status quo. My goal is to roll through my life suiting up and showing up. I do my part as a human being. From the time I wake up in the morning, anytime symptoms of the dis-ease start to come on me, I keep reminding myself to think, how I can be of service.

The Big Book of AA says some symptoms of the disease of addiction are ‘becoming bored, restless, and discontent.’ I know I have to watch out for these feelings. The hours of the day when I am awake are mine to enjoy. I now feel like I lead my life, I’m at choice about what I am going to experience. In active addiction my life lead me. I just watched as things happened to me.All thinking was centered in the getting and using and finding ways and means to get more. The disease of addiction talked to me all of the time. “Ok Loriann, you just stay high while we go to divorce court. While you are working on getting money to use, we are now going through eviction.” The disease told me “you drive better drunk”, so now we are going to jail.

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