opiate detox rehab centers orange county california

Opiate Detox Rehab Centers Orange County, California

Opiate Detox Rehab Centers San Juan Capistrano, California

What we do at Wits Inn is find our clients the best opiate detox rehab centers
San Juan Capistrano has to offer.

Opiates Heroin Oxycodone

Vicodin Lortab Percocet

Percodan Suboxone

Methadone Hydrocodone

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What is the most comfortable opiate detox?

Opiate withdrawal can seem even more painful than the life of active addiction.

Addicts need to know the detox center is going to give the

‘right and perfect’ comfort medications to get the person through withdrawal.

Opiate Detox Rehab Centers San Juan Capistrano California

By the time a person goes to rehab,
they have been through enough suffering. 

Opiate Detox Centers
San Juan Capistrano

Kicked Around Feeling

I feel like I’m a tin can that has been kicked down the street,
Just like the can, I’ve come to rest in many different spots my colors have faded, and I have a few dents.

But I’m still on the street fighting to keep my spot in the gutter.

My life is insane, and It might be time for a recycle. 

I’ve been living like there is no God and I’m lonely. 

How can I stay loaded and still be happy? 

It’s work to manage the drugs .. using and procuring them; it’s a never-ending task.  

But I can’t work the drugs; they work me.

Opiates Heroin Oxycodone Vicodin Lortab Percocet Percodan Hydrocodone

Suboxone Methadone

For years I’ve tried to be a chemist concocting drug cocktails.

The trouble with it is I have no discipline when it comes to using.

I usually take use my stash as fast as I can ingest them.

Drugs have always given me problems.

Lately, my problem is that I always take too many too fast and I never enjoy the high.

Sometimes I worry I’ve overdosed and freak out for hours waiting for some horrible pain or death which hasn’t happened yet… but how crazy is my life.

I’m a junkie, and I know the things I’m doing are wrong 

What is the
most comfortable
opiate detox?

But I can’t stop using. 

I’ve tried to stop cold turkey, but that won’t work.

The longest I’ve lasted was three days, and the withdrawal was so mean to me.

I used again to make nice, with the beast.

Another problem is the highs aren’t as good as they used to be. 

Now it just seems like when I use it’s just enough to get rid of the dope sick but not enough to give me the euphoric feelings my mind craves.

I’ve spent years chasing my first high.

I think it must be my tolerance levels are getting higher, and my body wants more and stronger drugs.

My disease doesn’t care about my soul it just wants more.

I’m in a horrible cycle and I need help.

The owners of Wits Inn Treatment are long term recovering opiate addicts.

We wouldn’t let you suffer in withdrawal. 

Cutting edge detox medications must be used to keep a person comfortable.

Drug replacement therapy – like suboxone,

(if you are a suboxone addict we have to go another way) WE KNOW THIS

Benzo’s to keep you calm. A sleeper for the restless leg.

Everybody is different, the more you’ve used the longer you need detox time.


If you want to drink or use that’s your business.

If you want to stop, we are here to help.  

Google my name to see more about me

text my cell 949-413-4109 or Loriann@wirecovery.com

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Opiate Detox Rehab Centers Orange County, California

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    Trying to get over addiction is very difficult but with the help of professionals you can overcome these struggles. Having a professional that can help you recover from substance dependency will greatly improve the chance of getting over your addiction.


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