drug free healthy body strong mind

Drug Free Healthy Body Strong Mind California

Drug Free Healthy Body Strong Mind California

 Emotional sobriety  Recovery 5.0

1. It starts with physical stabilization, Medical Detox.
2. Poly-substance abuse education, therapy, treatment.
3. Psych Evaluation of factors creating & sustaining the addictive cycles.
4. Aftercare, Support groups, Routine, Activities of daily living.

Drug free healthy body strong mind california

Strong mind and a healthy body drug free California

Rehab is the start, Where we begin to live our lives from a position of strength.
www.WIrecovery.com   888-900-4183
Wits Inn Drug and Alcohol treatment​
Dual Diagnosis Help Centers

If you are new to Drug Alcohol treatment, let me tell you, it’s fun.
Rehab is the the break you are craving when you get that
“Just take me away from all of this” feeling.

How do you get that drug free healthy body strong mind?

In treatment you get dried out with the ‘God sent’ help of some good detox drugs.
Get your head shrunk, Talk out that stuff that goes around and round on the hampster wheel in your brain –
when you’re high,
when you’re hungover
when you’re in the soup of consequences
when you can’t get high enough to forget who you’ve become?

drug free healthy body strong mind california


The Four Horsemen of Active Addiction

Four Horsemen
AA calls it the awful awakening to face the hideous Four Horsemen 
– Terror
– Bewilderment
– Frustration
– Despair

You don’t have to live this way
You can’t be who ever you want to be
You can be more than you know how to want for yourself
Really !!

Get started, call 888-900-4183 Detox and Intoxication Issues Treatment

Often covered by insurance
Cash budget
Starting cash rates $10 and up for a 1 month course of treatment
Various priced longer term setting available

Change your thinking to change your life
Submit Insurance Verification 

Spiritual yet non religious programs

awful awakening to face the hideous Four Horsemen — TerrorBewildermentFrustrationDespair.

Christian Treatment 

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, – Conquest, War, Famine and Death,

As infectious disease 

The first horseman is called Pestilence, and is associated with infectious disease and plague.
Viewing Alcoholism and addiction as a disease can be comforting
Chronic, Progressive, and Fatal
If left untreated
The comfort lies in knowing
Addiction is a treatable ailment

Addicts Do Recover

Jewish Encyclopedia.
The interpretation is common in popular culture references to the Four Horsemen

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