xanax detox, medical supervised

Xanax Detox Must be Medical Irvine California

xanax, detox, medical, irvine

Xanax Detox Must be Medical
Do not discontinue taking Xanax if you have become addicted.

A comfortable Xanax Detox

  1. Medically Supervised,
  2. Medicine Assisted,
  3. Physician Attended Detoxification
    is the only way to come down from the extended use of Benzodiazepines safely.

Cold turkey – self directed benzo detox may result in seizures, could result in death

I was a xanax addict.

Pain pills were my first love. in the beginning the euphoric feeling they gave me was awesome. When I did them it made everything more fun, I had more energy and I could get lost working on the computer or I’d go to walmart and browse for hours… at 2am? Over time they stopped working and I tried to quit using suboxone then I was addicted to suboxone. a friend gave me xanax and true to my nature I loved them too. The problem with me and pills is that no matter how I felt I would always take them all with in hours of finding them. So now I’m taking the pain pills when I could find them, when i couldn’t find pain pills I took suboxone. I was taking the xanax all the time too. the combo of suboxone and xanax almost killed me . I discovered suboxone and xanax will make your breathing became shallow until you stop breathing. The way i made this discovery was when my neighbor, a doctor who knew my situation, came to check on me one night. When he found me I had almost stopped breathing. He stayed with me all night.

The next day he convinced me to go into a medical detox for my xanax addiction followed by residential treatment.

Medical detox was the way to do it. During detox I was comfortable physically with no withdrawal symptoms. When I entered the treatment center things started to change.The first few weeks were tough from the xanax withdrawal. As soon as I could I began going on walks then jogging to restart the brain production of serotonin and dopamine which had been suppressed by the addiction to all the pills. In treatment I received many one on one therapy sessions that gave me insight in to my many issues, some Id created with my drug use and the other issues just came from life. In residential treatment I grew physically emotionally and spiritually. Treatment was a great experience. There I was able to work on me and equip myself for a sober and exciting life.

I had hope again. I could dream again. We can help. Call (949) 292-2000

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