successful drug alcohol treatment centers, california, arizona

Successful Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers, California

A successful drug alcohol treatment center is where life begins for the struggling person who is chemically dependent.

sucessful drug alcohol treatment centers, arizona

My family wants me 

in drug alcohol rehab

As hard as it is to get most to go treatment, once there the successful drug alcohol treatment centers of Wits Inn are difference makers.

Fear and worry:

 Two very disturbing emotions that I’ve been struggling with a lot lately.

When I was a younger man I don’t remember having the severe stress from fear and worry I now have.

 Is it because I’m older with more responsibilities and life is more serious these days?

 Is it because years of drug and alcohol abuse has changed my outlook and I’m more sensitive to the highs and lows?

 I don’t know the reasons why the worry and fear are causing me so much stress but I really need to figure it out.

 The symptoms of my stress are having ill effects on my mind and body. I guess I should look at my drinking and drugging as a cause for my fear and worry.

 My life with drugs and alcohol creates drama, or so I’ve been told by family and friends.
successful drug alcohol treatment centers, california, arizona

I don’t want to go to rehab 

Amy Winehouse


I guess I do react badly from time to time.

Or better yet, I over react to situations other folks seem to handle just fine.

I can get overwhelmed with simple instructions sometimes.

My emotions seem raw and always on the surface these days.

It seems like I have a thin skin and if someone says the wrong thing or I think I’m being screwed, I can go off on them in a heartbeat.

Its the worst with family.

successful drug alcohol treatment centers california, arizona

Most Successful Drug Alcohol
Treatment Centers of California


If my mom or my wife says anything negative about my life I get upset and storm around and then pout.

It’s to the point they don’t want to even have a conversation with me.

The eye opener came the morning my wife said I was too hard to live with and she wanted a divorce.


My first reaction was good riddance to this woman, my life would be so much easier with her off my back.

Then my mom chimed in and said if I didn’t get help and change my attitude she didn’t want me around either.

Again my first reaction was that they just don’t understand me and my special needs.


The conversation continued and I quickly discovered my next decision would be a game changer.

Was I going to be selfish and stubborn or would I admit defeat and seek help?

No sooner than I said I might be open to help my wife had Beach Cities Rehab on the phone.

Most Successful Drug /Alcohol Treatment Centers of California 


The counselor was very knowledgeable and he listened to my issues and then he explained how he himself had been in a similar situation.

He said his family was over his drinking and abusive behavior.

He said his family gave him an ultimatum too.

So reluctantly he went to rehab and within weeks his life got better.


Removing the drugs and alcohol allowed his mind to clear and soon after the family started coming around.

At first only a few were happy to support him in his new journey of sobriety. Later all his loved ones welcomed him back into the family.

His tale was enough for me and I told my wife I’d go into treatment.

Treatment was great.

The medical detox was comfortable and lasted about seven days.

I got a break from the pressures of life.

I started healing myself with the structure and information I gained in treatment. I started to get my marbles back.

They had me in therapy during the week and two weekends a month we did a family group.


The family sessions were rough at first.

My wife opened up about how hard I had been to live with and that was tough for me to hear but when it was over we all cried and then hugged.

It was a new beginning.

I completed 90 days of treatment and returned home.

I found all the AA meetings in my area then started hitting meetings hard.

My wife did the same with al anon and what a great thing for the both of us.


Today we both have a program and we have grown close again.

Life today is full and rich with hardly any fear and worry.

If I told you just how good life has become you just might not believe me.


Things are great with Mom too, I see her every Sunday.

If I can’t make it to her house she lets me know how much she misses me.


This good life is available to anyone.

If you interested in changing and want your families

love and respect back call us, we can help.


Call Wits Inn rehab for  successful drug alcohol treatment centers suited for you. 949-292-2000  or text 949-324-6132 

Family wants me in drug alcohol rehab. S
uccessful drug alcohol treatment centers California 

 I don’t want to go to rehab but I will give it a try.
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I don’t want to go to rehab Emotions do seem raw and on the surface, if someone says the wrong thing or I think I’m being screwed, I can go off. Its the worst with the family. text 949-324-6132
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