Sobriety is a precious gift

Sobriety, the Precious Gift

Sobriety is a free gift that we work hard to maintain.

To those in the grips of the disease, sobriety is an elusive gift.

My husband and I went to rehab together, we stayed for over 2 years in sober living.

Eventually we became employees and no longer had to pay fees. I went back to college for a degree in counseling while we worked there.  My husband started a business that he had for 18 years, it came to support us nicely.  We started running and buying recovery homes and treatment centers.

It was wonderful.  My husband had a relapse when we had 9 years sober right in the middle of all of our success.  Ego got too strong, and sobriety fell apart.  He went in and out of treatment for the next few years.

How much did it cost?  A lot.  Many admissions, several interventions, flights for visits and family sessions.  His business didn’t make it through. Lost work, shifts in focus, family score and opinions, shake ups in the support groups we so loved. It cost plenty.

We began to sale off seven houses and our bigger business came to fall too. He got sober again and we went to work for of former competitors.  We stayed married, went to meetings, and changed our lifestyle standards.

We both stayed sober and were restored to sanity. He and I are doing great.  Active members of our church and the 12-step community.  Lot’s of people know and respect us again. We are happy in a second phase of recovery. A solid sobriety is ours.

I am so glad we spent the money.  I am so grateful that he is alive and we have each other.  The other side of the coin is also true it is not easy to get older and have less money than you are used to.

Many people suggested tough love to me, I considered divorce. No one would have blamed me if I would have chosen to save myself and save the business.

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In faith I choose the soul to soul option.

Most of the time I believe I did the right thing.

We are back to doing our work, on a more simple basis.

I am only sharing my experience.

I do believe that the loved ones of the addict must survive the active addiction at all cost. Don’t allow another’s illness to kill you.

Do not sink your own ship to keep the addict afloat.

Support no drug use or drinking

My story is about supporting treatment only.

At the first sign of relapse – treatment or off on their own.

Say a prayer and make your decisions.

I for one, will respect you either way.

Loriann Witte   CAC

RAS No: RI-W1206071533

CNDAI #CA-1062120

Loriann Witte via Google+

Protect your first year of sobriety like you would a newborn baby.

Continued structure in a long term treatment plan is the way to stay clean and sober after rehab.

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  1. WIRecoveryNEW2015
    WIRecoveryNEW2015 says:

    Michelle White I never thought I could have any quality of life when I stopped using. I had to find other interests and find friends who did not drink or use. I am very happy with my choice and my life is good. It’s not always great but I can go through anything clean.


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