sober yoga alcohol treatment

Sober Yoga for Alcohol Treatment Orange County

Sober Yoga Orange County California

Kit Cat Ananda, my cat, is waiting for Me, her Guru, to commence sober morning yoga then our walk as we join Lulu, her sister. Lulu dresses like a dog in her earth suit.

Just for today.

sober yoga, alcohol treatment

Sober Yoga Orange County California

sober yoga, walking the dog

Drug alcohol rehabs program

Holistic healing practices and yoga

Do you want to be a Sober Yogi? 

If you are clean and dry then you have the mental attunement to realize when you are mindful and deliberate in your yoga practice, you have the power to co-create your life experience.

 Doing yoga drunk makes holding postures difficult, but Sober Yoga offers power that can be used off the mat as well.

If you are clean and sober in the 12-step recovery programs, then you are living an examined life with the support of your fellows who are in the effort to improve their understanding and effectiveness.

If you need and want recovery and sobriety, then it would be splendid to go to a drug or alcohol rehab program that includes holistic healing practices and yoga.

Several massage sessions a week helps to detox the body of toxins, relaxes the person’ body, mind, and spirit, contributes to restful sleep.

 Acupuncture, and Chiropractic are power alternative treatment methods.

We do believe in medicine assisted detox, and in keeping people on their psych prescriptions according to doctors orders.  

Treatment programs make every effort to work with an MD or psychiatrist that has additional training, and experience in understanding individual chemical dependency issues and will evaluate medication and make suggestions.

If your desire is to live as a Sober Yogi

Call 949-292-2000
Or text 949-324-6132

Orange County California 

 How to get started
Drug / alcohol detox- rehab Intervention

Text 949-324-6132
Please send a Picture of
front & back of insurance card + DOB,
We will call you shortly
Google my name
Please text me your e-mail

Treatment Programs accept insurance payment

PPO of HMO or within your cash budget 

including Very Private Adult settings  

Stay Fit for recovery.

You have got to “Move it, Move it” The music


If you want to stay fit for recovery as a

Sober Yoga in Orange County California then you must get up in the morning.

Rise and shine and go to meet your day.

No laying in bed getting depressed or thinking about where your body hurts and which doctor could give you a medical TEST (a four letter word to a sober Yogi) and what drug they will end up prescribing.

Pain & and anxiety prescriptions can break your recovery & make you relapse.

(In the case of surgery, and medical emergencies is a different thing)

No longer do we have to experience the emergency room on a regular basis.

Sobriety, diet, and exercise lighten up your life.

Instead get your butt up. 

In recovery, I learned to get up and go for one of those slow little, step, jog runs.  

I started out with walking listening to AA & NA speakers on headphones.  

As I enjoyed the beautiful sights of the great outdoors.  

I would breathe the air and thank spirit that I was alive and not living in active addiction.  

I have lived near the beach most of my adult life but spent much of my time in bars, bathrooms, and just hiding out using and drinking. 

The truth of me today is a big life worth living. 

I am a Sober Yogi living in 

Orange County, California

You can live it in your home area.

The Sober Yoga lives within you. 

We can help you find it.  

Do I have aches and pains? 

Well, I am over 20 years clean after 16 years of drugs and alcohol.

Now my health and well-being are my responsibility. 

My task, my commitment, is to stay clean, stay fit, do no harm, 

and see what happens. 

I feel good today cause I haven’t done anything to make me feel bad. 

On intervention day, the clinician is right at this crucial moment with the loved ones.  It comes down to life and death. 

Join with the counselor who leads your group to love and respect based confrontation. Stand together, well organized and ready to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.

Let your struggling loved one know you will not continue to stand by in active addiction. Express that you feel you watching a worsening progression. You must not watch them die without trying.

Commit in word and deed to support them within boundaries in recovery.
We will research the treatment centers. Be able to say, “I have done my due diligence and would not send you to a rehab I wouldn’t go to myself if I needed help.”

No longer offer support or any comfort to their addiction. 

Your research has taught you active addiction is like a social and spiritual death, that often leads to illness and physical death.  

Find the courage. A professional interventionist can help you a lot. 

Sober Yoga Orange County California

God is all there is. God is, I am, We are, one.  

There is a power for Good in the Universe that can be used by every other person and for me to create, health, abundance, and love.

I use it now, and I rejoice in it. 

What I know is true is that thoughts are things.  We bring about what we think about especially when we can hold a mental equivalent.

I have experienced the highest order of soul to soul bonding in the Divine knowledge of self-respect in recovery.  

Perfect health is right for God’s children, the truth of God and this blessed Mother’s truth in the here and now and forever forth in the eternity where we live, move and have our being.

 I offer up this transformed experience to the highest and best as I write it into the book of law.

Gratitude in great Thanksgiving. 

Sober Yoga Orange County California

Drug alcohol rehabs program holistic healing practices Sober Yoga

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Loriann Witte

Ten months ago  –  Positive Outlook (Inspirational Quotes)

 She wanted to come into treatment.
She has lost her two baby boys to her husband who had gotten clean and had new women to help him with the kids.  Her heart was broken, and she was scared.

Loriann Witte via Google+

Three years ago  –  Shared publicly

 Going within beyond these bodies and the little plans and designs of our day to day lives, that where the answers are. Addiction recovery an inside job. Addicts Do Recover. Wits Inn Rehab Referrals 949-292-2000

Loriann Witte via Google+

Three years ago  –  Shared privately

 How do you have fun and stay thin once you get sober and stop using. Is the party’s over? Or is it a better life. 949-292-2000

Branda Konari

Seven months ago  –  Shared publicly

I’ve never tried acupuncture Mississauga before, but this works, yes I can feel the needles go in, but once the needles are in, I can’t feel them anymore and all of a sudden I’m asleep on a table. Over the course of a month with I have no more neck pain, and I feel excellent.

Loriann Witte via Google+

One year ago  –  Shared publicly

Interesting article about addiction and recovery






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