luxury drug alcohol treatment

Luxury Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers San Francisco

Luxury Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers San Francisco

      For some of us with addiction Luxury Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers is our Google search for solution. At Wits Inn we have many facilities with successful recovery rates. But we love to promote our luxury drug alcohol treatment centers. 


Luxury drug alcohol treatment center

Luxury Alcohol Treatment Centers California

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Intoxication issues are generally compounded by a lifestyle that includes a well developed relationship with dishonestly and telling lies.

Creating an atmosphere of distrust and health threatening stress.

You don’t have to live this way.
Even if you were born an alcoholic or addict.

Active addiction is a treatable condition.

Addiction recovery professionals have studied a lifetime to perfect treatment methods.

New Approaches Addiction Treatment

At one time the mental health community believed addicts should suffer or do aversion therapies in order to be “scared straight”.

luxury drug alcohol treatment center

New Approaches

Addiction Treatment

Now it is known that the more comfortable a person is in rehab, the better they can relax and open the mind to learning and healing. Believing life can be fun and wonderful clean and sober opens a person’s heart to change.

You know I guess I was born and alcoholic but It took years to to understand the how and why. The first time I remember drinking was at 12 years old, my cousin and I were with an older guy from the neighborhood and we had some allowance money.
The old guy must have suggested we buy some booze.

Luxury Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers

We split  a pint of tequila of all things. Why tequila?  I don’t remember but thats what we came up with.  Our big idea was tequila? I remember being in a wooded area not far from parents home passing a bottle around chasing it with Mountain Dew.

Thinking back there was no possible way at 12 I enjoyed the taste of tequila. What I do remember was how I felt as the alcohol started to work its’ magic on my body. I remember feeling great as the high grew on me, Its was wonderful, in my mind that was the best night of my young life. The booze made me feel like I was on top of the world. I immediately started to feel like I was a better version of myself while getting intoxicated. We felt so good after the first bottle was gone we had our guy get us another pint.

That night went from bliss to chaos. I got so drunk I barely made it home.

luxury drug alcohol treatment centers

Luxury Drug Alcohol
Treatment Centers


I landed on my parents front porch and that’s where they discovered me.
They were home watching TV and I collapsed on the porch, drunk.

I didn’t drink again for a few years but when I did drink again the trouble was waiting for me.

I crashed my Dads cars I was almost expelled from school along with a few arrests.

I’ll never forget the disappointment in my dads eyes during these days.
He would look at me and shake his head and ask me, “why can’t you just drink like a gentleman?”

I would be full of guilt and shame and just drop my head. I had no answer.
I wanted that too. I wanted to drink like a gentleman but I couldnt. If I was controlling it I wasn’t having fun. If I was having fun I wasn’t controlling it. And so it went on for years. At the end I wasn’t drinking for fun. By then  I had to drink. I needed the booze  to mask all the horrible emotions resulting from my drunken behavior. The financial problems, the relationship problems and the legal problems were too much to handle sober.

I now understand that my alcoholism is a disease. Its not normal for a 12 year old kid to get comfort from alcohol. To me that meant I was born an alcoholic which means it must be a disease. The first time I drank I felt joy and pain but yet I kept drinking. The pain should have made a normal person say enough, not me, I wanted more.

I discovered that alcoholism is a disease and hereditary.
The AMA designates it as an illness in 1956 and as a brain by 1991.

The reason they classified it as a disease was because of its effects on our minds and bodies.

Alcoholism has signs and symptoms.
Chronic and often progressive 
Fatal if left untreated

Signs of the disease of alcoholism includes….

1. problems controlling your drinking.
2. being preoccupied with alcohol
3. continuing to use alcohol even when it causes problems
4. having to drink more to get the same effect (physical dependence)
5. having withdrawal symptoms when you rapidly decrease or stop drinking.
If you have alcoholism, you can’t consistently predict 
1. how much you’ll drink
2. how long you’ll drink
3. what consequences will occur from your drinking

The conclusion to this is that its a treatable disease.  This was enough information to convince me I had a disease.  I wasn’t a bad person I was a sick person and I can arrest my disease with detox followed with residential treatment. I had to take action. Acceptance of the disease concept was enough to get me into treatment.

Luxury Alcohol Treatment Centers California

New Approaches Addiction Recovery

High End Alcohol Rehab Centers

High End Program Essentials
Detoxification services that include comprehensive medical care
Certified clinical and medical staff experienced in dual diagnoses 
Therapy options that address the needs of each individual patient
Introduction to 12-step methodology within a residential program 
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