drug treatment programs inpatient vs outpatient

Drug Treatment Programs Inpatient vs Outpatient

Drug Treatment Programs Inpatient vs Outpatient

How do drug treatment programs work? What type should you enter into? Inpatient is for the newly untreated sick and outpatient provides

cognitive follow up.

Drug treatment programs Inpatient vs Outpatient

Many people question “When is the addiction bad enough that an inpatient

The tendency is to want the consequences of drinking or using drugs to stop with the least effort.
treatment program is needed.”

Invasion into one’s lifestyle and daily habits seems threatening.

There can be fear involved in stepping into the unknown environment of an inpatient rehab program.

Know that the long studied professionals who operate inpatient treatment programs are aware of these fears and do all they can to make people comfortable.


How do drug treatment programs work?

Leaving your home and your daily routine is a therapeutic process.

Drug treatment programs

Inpatient vs Outpatient


Changing your environment is an important part of the deep changes that must take place in order to achieve and learn how to maintain sobriety.


Out patient programs cannot have the profound effect that a residential treatment stay can facilitate.


When do you need drug rehab?


If you want to drink and use, that’s your business.

If you would like to stop, we can help.

You need to decide to let the professionals advise you.

It takes a leap of faith to be able to follow the advice.

Being inpatient makes following direction a lot more likely.


When do you need drug rehab?


I was so worried about going to treatment.

I knew I needed help but rehab was just a little excessive in my mind.

I knew drugs and alcohol were a big problem but I kept telling myself

I’m just not bad enough for treatment. Treatment was for the real sick people you know the ones..

I kept postponing it. When do you actually need drug rehab?


I had one friend who told me his story and that he needed 90 days in rehab and that it was probably best for me to do the same.

I thought 90 days!  Wow!  30 days maybe, but ninety?

I figured I could do it in an outpatient treatment program. I thought my friend was nuts.


Then my life got really bad and off to rehab I went.


Treatment was a great experience mainly due to the clients I met while

I was there. When I landed in California I was a mess.

I was off track physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I had fallen into a deep depression due to all the trauma in my life.


So I get to rehab and I’m shown my room in a house. It was a normal residential neighborhood.

At the time there were 5 other men living there along with Frank the house manager.

It wasn’t long before I started feeling better physically. Slowly I got to know all the men in the house.

Like a bunch of men thrown from a sinking ocean liner we were all in this life raft together.

Men who normally would not mix are now in this raft fighting to stay alive.


We all had addiction issues and lives that were spiraling out of control.

We had a commonality in suffering that worked like glue to bond us. So that’s how my rehab experience began.


The first few days in rehab I didn’t speak to the other men much.  I was too caught up in all my own problems.

I couldn’t be bothered.  I was so selfish and self centered I couldn’t see past my own nose.

In spite of my aloofness and closed posture the men who had more clean time would go out of their way to help me.


How does drug rehab work?


Two of the men loved to cook so they included me in their dinners.

The other men in the house were showing me the rehab ropes. They gave the dos and don’ts of early sobriety.

They just gave me small amounts of information at a time.  Thank God for that, as I was easily overwhelmed.


How does drug rehab work?

One way the gang bonded was in the van as we drove to treatment.

We were in the van together often as we went together to meetings,

the grocery store, movies, the beach, anywhere and everywhere we went as a group.

I started laughing at the corny jokes. Rehab was beginning to be a great experience.

During the day we were together in treatment and at night we were at the house.

It’s amazing how well everyone got along. We set aside our egos for the most part and managed to live in harmony.

We all got sponsors, went to meetings, and started the journey of sobriety together.


We supported each other as our life issues came out in group.

Sure there was friction at times but we managed to use the AA principle of acceptance to find common ground and we generally compromised.

We shared our secrets with each other in process groups and our issues made us grow to love each other.


Does drug rehab work?


Looking back my fear of rehab was completely unfounded and misguided. The rehab staff was good and I learned a great deal of life saving information but my strength came from the bonding time spent with the other men.

I learned how to stay sober in rehab and I used the information in a hands on fashion while living with the others.


How does drug rehab work?

I learned how to take action and stay sober watching the men with more time. We learned, we played, and we faced out problems.

Rehab works and not for the reasons you think.

It works because If you can get honest and real with other men you have a chance.


Drug treatment programs Inpatient vs Outpatient.

If you are in trouble with the law and feel you only need rehab because it is court ordered, then it may be OK to go to an out patient program.

In out patient you can continue to work your job and do not have to leave your home.


   If you are seriously wanting to change your life by getting clean and sober inpatient or residential rehab is the path to choose.

   If you are physically addicted, or your life is beginning to make you unhappy, or make people who love you unhappy, then you are better off going to and inpatient or residential setting.


    It takes commitment to change your life.

Many alcoholics and addicts find that they break promises that they make to themselves over and over.

Inpatient and residential treatment can make you much safer than an outpatient program.


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How does drug rehab work?

Drug treatment programs Inpatient vs Outpatient

When do you need drug rehab?



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