drinking makes you depressed

Drinking Makes You Depressed?

If drinking makes you depressed, how do you know your drinking is bad enough to need treatment?

 Drinking makes you depressed?

Depression can also become an addiction

If you think you are a happy drinker, but those around you,
(those who seem to be loving you less)
think you are a problem drinker or an alcoholic, take heed.
drinking makes you depressed

How do you know when your drinking
is bad enough to need help
and treatment?


It is very common not to notice the personality and lifestyle changes taking place in our own lives when it comes to intoxication issues.

When people who used to love us, act like their feelings are changing
it is prudent to take a look at one’s self through their eyes.

Alcohol is a depressant.

That means any amount you drink can make you more likely to get the blues. Drinking a lot can harm your brain and lead to depression.
Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows the function of the central nervous system. Alcohol actually blocks some of the messages trying to get to the brain. make bad decisions or act on impulse.
If you think you are a happy drinker, but those around you, (those who seem to be loving you less) think you are a problem drinker or an alcoholic, take heed.
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What can we learn from recovery experts?
Step 1 of  Alcoholics Anonymous
“We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable.” 

Taking the first step the 12 steps made me realize
I was powerless over drugs and my life had become unmanageable.
When I am clean and sober I develop personal power in my own life.If I drink or use anything, I can’t be sure,

drinking makes you depressed

Pet Friendly Drug Alcohol Rehab

We understand the relationship 
you have with your pet

a. How high I am going to    get?
b. What will be the  outcome of my under the  influence behaviors?
c. Will consequences be  only immediate or have  long term effects?
d. When will this bout of  drinking or using end?
e.  Who might get hurt? Me  or others? Emotionally or  physically hurt?


Therapy, Education, and continued Aftercare of 12 step work
began to change my dismay into occasional states of well being.

Step by step this new way of thinking gave me the freedom to have power in the other parts of my life. Working the steps and going to meetings quieted down the voice of my dis-ease.

 Drinking makes you depressed?  

Depression can become a habit  949-292-2000

I am free to choose how I act and even how I think. I’m learning to put a positive spin on most everything. I feel so much better because of positive thinking. I declare peace on the past and know myself as happy, joyous, and free.

I have come to believe that I gave up enough of my life to fret, worry and
discord. I have changed my mind and choose to walk on the path of hope, good works, and taking very special care of my precious self.

Most of my life I was shy. More than shy, I was afraid of people. I could only communicate by being rough and tough, or a desperate victim.

Raising my hand and sharing in meetings taught me that I do have something to say. The people in the meetings starting responding to me differently when I was able to share about the new solutions I was learning.


If you are wondering what going to all of these 12-step meetings can possibly  do
for you, know that all of us had this same question.

Going to meetings is a new way of spending our time with people.

It is healthy to be around other people who are in the process of making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

The people in the meetings are talking about what they are doing to cope.

As alcoholics and addicts we know plenty about the problems of life.
We know all about what we do not want.

drinking makes you depressed

 Drinking makes you depressed?

Depression can become a habit


We are survivors in a common struggle fighting the good fight.

We give freely of what we find and invite you to come join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit. And we shall see you on the happy road of happy destiny.
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