detox treatment that's medically managed

Detox Treatment that’s Medically Managed San Clemente

 Detox Treatment that’s Medically Managed is the easier softer way to go.

Our experience has shown over and again detox treatment that’s medically managed reduces the the risks of the “Home Detox”.

Kicking drugs or alcohol without medicine and supervision can be risky and in some cases fatal. Its nice to be taken down gently.

Personal Dignity is maintained in Medical Addiction Rehab California

Detox Treatment that’s Medically Managed

Detox treatment that's medically managed
Medical Rehab Treatment
Individual dignity is protected
Medical approach used to rehab the experience of increased tolerance
When one’s drinking is social drinking; 
subscribed or recreational substance consumption, 
begins to change and 
increased tolerance or consequences become a part of 
the previously fun and harmless picture – 
We need help! 
We do not need to be shamed or punished. 
People need to be served with respect in a comforting environment. 

Addiction treatment referrals Orange County, California

I have made a decision to stop drinking.  
Get clean, stop using substances.
Become more healthy and clear.
I believe I need help but must not compromise my dignity.
Is there a private way?
What is my exposure?….
To street addicts?…..
Financially, what will it cost?….
Will religious views and ‘boarding school like restrictions’ be forced on me?
Call 949-292-2000 or 
Text 949-324-6132
detox treatment that's medically managed

Insurance Paid Addiction Rehab

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Private Insurance Paid services or Cash starting at under $10K
Often pet friendly placements are possible.
Different people prefer Different settings.
Witts Inn is not just one treatment center.
We represent various placements.
Your insurance or cash budget will tell us what is available to you.
We will advise you of your viable choices.
You decide.
detox treatment that's medically managed
Personal Dignity Maintained
Medical Addiction Rehab California

Call 949-292-2000 or 
Text 949-324-6132 
Google my name Loriann Witte 
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